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Videos - December 2017

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2017-12-01 Tom Telesco: Keenan Allen Has Improved Every Month
2017-12-01 Tom Telesco: Austin Ekeler Earned His Way onto the Field
2017-12-01 Coach Lynn: The Defense Has Been 'Really Consistent'
2017-12-01 Locker Room Roundup: Facing the Browns
2017-12-01 Chargers LIVE: Previewing Browns vs. Chargers
2017-12-01 Chargers Update: Final Injury Report
2017-12-01 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Browns
2017-12-01 Scouting the Cleveland Browns with Anthony Lynn
2017-12-03 Inside the Pregame Locker Room
2017-12-03 Philip Rivers connects with Keenan Allen for 21 yards
2017-12-03 Philip Rivers to Austin Ekeler for 16 yards
2017-12-03 Philip Rivers finds Hunter Henry for 25 yards
2017-12-03 Philip Rivers hits the open Keenan Allen for a 7-yard TD
2017-12-03 Melvin Gordon Makes Tough Sideline Catch for First Down
2017-12-03 Travis Benjamin with the 39-yard Reception
2017-12-03 Keenan Allen Elevates to Make 26-Yard Catch
2017-12-03 Trevor Williams Denies Josh Gordon of a Deep-Ball Reception
2017-12-03 Tyrell Williams Pulls in a Diving Catch for a First Down
2017-12-03 Melvin Gordon Breaks Free for a Gain of 29 Yards
2017-12-03 Joey Bosa Delivers Game-Changing Strip-Sack
2017-12-03 Adrian Phillips picks off DeShone Kizer to seal Chargers' victory
2017-12-03 Damion Square: "We Have Great Young Talent"
2017-12-03 Keenan Allen: Philip (Rivers) 'Has Been Amazing'
2017-12-03 Coach Lynn: The Defense 'Finished the Game'
2017-12-03 Casey Hayward: "We Want to Win All of the Games"
2017-12-03 Melvin Gordon: "Everything Is in Our Hands"
2017-12-03 Browns vs. Chargers: What Did We Learn?
2017-12-03 Philip Rivers Postgame Press Conference
2017-12-03 Inside the Winning Locker Room: Coach Lynn's Postgame Speech
2017-12-03 Keenan Allen Highlights vs. Browns
2017-12-03 Browns vs. Chargers Highlights
2017-12-04 Keenan Allen Gets the Call from Deion Sanders
2017-12-04 Radio Call of the Game: Adrian Phillips' Interception
2017-12-04 NFLN: Who Will Prevail in the Deadlocked AFC West?
2017-12-04 Coach Lynn: Keenan Allen 'Has Gotten Better Every Week'
2017-12-04 Chargers Update: Keenan Allen Continues to Dominate
2017-12-04 Mic'd Up: Keenan Allen vs. Browns
2017-12-05 X's and O's: Gus Bradley Breaks Down Phillips' Interception
2017-12-05 Game Rewind: Chargers Best the Browns
2017-12-05 Redskins vs. Chargers Preview
2017-12-05 Chargers Welcome Back Alumni
2017-12-05 Bolts Provide Free Bikes to Kids in Carson
2017-12-06 'Sound FX': Keenan Allen Predicts Joey Bosa's Strip-Sack
2017-12-06 Coach Lynn: "We're Finding Out What We Do Best"
2017-12-06 Philip Rivers: "We All Want to Win"
2017-12-06 Ken Whisenhunt on Ekeler: "It's Exciting to See Him Make Plays"
2017-12-06 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Prep for Redskins
2017-12-06 NFL Turning Point Examines Keenan Allen's Hot Streak
2017-12-06 Goal Line to Goal Line with Austin Ekeler
2017-12-06 Chargers Update: Kirk Cousins Admires Philip Rivers' Game
2017-12-06 Ask The Booth: Redskins Preview With Matt and Dan
2017-12-07 Coach Lynn: 'Players Are Very Comfortable' in Gus Bradley's System
2017-12-07 Gus Bradley: 'We Have Come up with Big Plays' Late in Games
2017-12-07 Joey Bosa: "We Are Playing for Something Now"
2017-12-07 Chargers Update: Jay Gruden Praises Keenan's Game
2017-12-07 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Continue Prep for Redskins
2017-12-07 Scouting the Washington Redskins with Anthony Lynn
2017-12-08 Access Chargers: Episode 14
2017-12-08 Chargers LIVE: Previewing Redskins vs. Chargers
2017-12-08 Mad Minute: Redskins vs. Chargers
2017-12-08 Picking AFC, NFC Wild Card Teams: Who Makes the Cut?
2017-12-08 Coach Lynn: 'We Are Continuing to Evaluate' Mike Williams
2017-12-08 Locker Room Roundup: Chargers Eye 7th Win vs. Redskins
2017-12-08 Chargers Update: Keenan Allen's Jersey Sent to Hall of Fame
2017-12-08 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Redskins
2017-12-10 Inside the Pregame Locker Room
2017-12-10 Philip Rivers connects with Tyrell Williams for 34 yards on first play of game
2017-12-10 Philip Rivers hits Hunter Henry for a gain of 20 yards
2017-12-10 Philip Rivers throws pinpoint 8-yard TD pass to Hunter Henry
2017-12-10 Travis Benjamin beats Josh Norman for 14-yard catch
2017-12-10 Kyle Emanuel picks off Kirk Cousins on a deflected pass
2017-12-10 Philip Rivers lobs pass to Keenan Allen for 21 yards
2017-12-10 Can't-Miss Play: Philip Rivers launches 75-yard TD pass to Tyrell Williams
2017-12-10 Travis Benjamin rushes for 22 yards on the reverse play
2017-12-10 Philip Rivers fires pass to Tyrell Williams for 20 yards
2017-12-10 Can't-Miss Play: Philip Rivers lays out perfect pass to Keenan Allen for 51 yards
2017-12-10 Melvin Gordon bursts through line for 1-yard rushing TD
2017-12-10 Coach Lynn's Postgame Speech
2017-12-10 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-12-10 Kyle Emanuel: Kansas City 'Should Be a Fun One'
2017-12-10 Hunter Henry: "Going Into Kansas City Is Always a Big Game"
2017-12-10 Melvin Ingram: "We Got a Lot of Selfless People"
2017-12-10 Tyrell Williams: "This Is Exactly Where We Want to Be"
2017-12-10 Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams Highlights
2017-12-10 Keenan Allen: 'We're Still Fighting' For the Playoffs
2017-12-10 Redskins vs. Chargers: What Did We Learn?
2017-12-11 Top Plays of Sunday: Week 14
2017-12-11 Radio Call of the Game: Tyrell Williams' 75-Yard Touchdown
2017-12-11 Ken Whisenhunt: "We're Facing a Tough Challenge Going into Kansas City"
2017-12-11 Coach Lynn: 'I Thought the Guys Executed Well' Against Washington
2017-12-11 Gus Bradley: 'It's Going to Be a Challenging Atmosphere' in KC
2017-12-11 Mic'D Up: Tre Boston vs. Redskins
2017-12-11 Chargers Help Supply Tyson Chicken to Local Food Bank
2017-12-11 Dish of the Week Presented by Tender Greens
2017-12-12 Desmond King Amongst Top 5 Rookie Performances in Week 14
2017-12-12 What We Learned in Week 14: Los Angeles Chargers
2017-12-12 Charley Casserly: Chargers Pass Game is Key Against Kansas City
2017-12-12 Game Rewind: Redskins vs. Chargers
2017-12-12 Coach Lynn: Chiefs 'Have So Many Weapons'
2017-12-12 Chargers Surprise Season Ticket Member with Super Bowl Tickets
2017-12-12 X's and O's: 51-Yard Flea Flicker to Keenan Allen
2017-12-12 NFL-N-Motion: Keenan Allen Is Hard to Stop
2017-12-12 Tre Boston on Facing Kansas City in Week 15
2017-12-12 Chargers Update: Chiefs Week Begins
2017-12-13 Chargers vs. Chiefs Preview
2017-12-13 Coach Lynn: Kansas City is 'Clicking on All Cylinders Right Now'
2017-12-13 Desmond King: "Everybody Is So Invested in the Program"
2017-12-13 Philip Rivers: Playing in Kansas City 'Is Going to Be a Heck of a Challenge'
2017-12-13 NFL-N-Motion: Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram vs. Chiefs
2017-12-13 Chargers vs. Chiefs NFL Playbook Preview
2017-12-13 Chargers Update: Chiefs Prep Continues
2017-12-13 Ask The Booth: Chiefs Preview With Nick and Matt
2017-12-14 X's and O's: Nick Hardwick Analyzes Chiefs' Misdirection
2017-12-14 Coach Lynn: Every Game Is a Big Game
2017-12-14 Saturday Showdown: Joey Bosa/Melvin Ingram vs. Alex Smith
2017-12-14 NFLN: Can Marcus Peters Slow Down Keenan Allen?
2017-12-14 Chargers vs. Chiefs: Predictions and Players to Watch
2017-12-14 Locker Room Roundup: A Playoff Atmosphere Awaits the Chargers
2017-12-14 Warning: Pass at Your Own Risk
2017-12-14 Chargers Update: Final Injury Updates
2017-12-15 Goal Line to Goal Line with Keenan Allen
2017-12-15 Scouting the Kansas City Chiefs with Anthony Lynn
2017-12-15 Happy Holidays from the Chargers
2017-12-15 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Chiefs
2017-12-15 Chargers Head to Kansas City
2017-12-15 Access Chargers: Episode 15
2017-12-16 Melvin Ingram Takes Down Alex Smith
2017-12-16 Melvin Gordon Beasts Through Defenders on 21-Yard Play
2017-12-16 Melvin Gordon Rushes for a 2-Yard Touchdown
2017-12-16 Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers Team up for 86th Career TD
2017-12-16 Coach Lynn Recaps 30-13 Loss vs. Chiefs
2017-12-16 Philip Rivers Recaps 30-13 Loss vs. Chiefs
2017-12-16 Casey Hayward: "We Didn't Play Well Enough"
2017-12-16 Damion Square: "I Know These Guys Will Turn the Page"
2017-12-16 Spencer Pulley: "We Have to Move on to the Next One"
2017-12-16 Keenan Allen: "They Made More Plays Than We Did"
2017-12-16 Trevor Williams: "We Made Too Many Mistakes"
2017-12-16 Chargers vs. Chiefs: What Did We Learn?
2017-12-16 Chargers vs. Chiefs Highlights
2017-12-18 Radio Call of the Game: Antonio Gates' Touchdown
2017-12-18 Coach Lynn: "We Released Travis Coons and Brought in Kicker Nick Rose"
2017-12-18 freeD: Inside Antonio Gates' Helmet for His Record-Breaking TD
2017-12-18 Chargers Update: Hunter Henry Injury News
2017-12-19 Dish of the Week Presented by Tender Greens
2017-12-19 freeD: The Crucial Block Leading to Melvin Gordon's Touchdown Run
2017-12-19 Watch: Chargers 2018 Pro-Bowlers
2017-12-20 Corey Liuget Shops With Kids for the Holidays
2017-12-20 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee: Casey Hayward
2017-12-20 Philip Rivers: "The Big Focus Is Finding a Way to Win"
2017-12-20 Ken Whisenhunt: "We Can't Turn the Ball Over Like We Did"
2017-12-20 Coach Lynn: Bryce Petty 'Is a Talented Young Man'
2017-12-20 61 Seconds with Keenan Allen
2017-12-20 Chargers Update: Preparing for the Jets
2017-12-21 Happy Holidays from the Chargers
2017-12-21 Goal Line to Goal Line with Ken Whisenhunt
2017-12-21 Ask the Booth: Jets Preview and More
2017-12-21 Gus Bradley: "A Great Challenge Ahead of Us"
2017-12-21 Casey Hayward: "We Know What We Have to Do"
2017-12-21 X's and O's: Keenan Allen's Performance on Crucial Downs
2017-12-21 Scouting the New York Jets with Anthony Lynn
2017-12-21 Chargers Update: Coach Lynn on Bilal Powell
2017-12-22 Casey Hayward: "We Got to Take Care of Business"
2017-12-22 Which Potential AFC Wild Card Team Is Most Dangerous?
2017-12-22 Three Scenarios That Could Get Chargers into Playoffs
2017-12-22 Chargers LIVE: Previewing Chargers vs. Jets
2017-12-22 Locker Room Roundup: The Chargers Head to New York
2017-12-22 Coach Lynn: Barksdale and Okung Are Gametime Decisions
2017-12-22 Chargers Update: Final Injury Report
2017-12-22 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Jets
2017-12-22 The Chargers Head Back to New York
2017-12-22 Terrell Davis: Chargers Will Surge Into the AFC Championship
2017-12-24 Korey Toomer Takes Down Bryce Petty for His First Sack of the Season
2017-12-24 Tyrell Williams Picks Up 16 Yards
2017-12-24 Philip Rivers Fires to Tyrell Williams for 16 Yards
2017-12-24 Philip Rivers Throws to Antonio Gates for a 27-Yard Gain
2017-12-24 Korey Toomer Forces Matt Forte Fumble and Hayes Pullard Recovers
2017-12-24 Philip Rivers Throws to Derek Watt Who Rushes for a 23-Yard Gain
2017-12-24 Keenan Allen Picks off Bryce Petty's Pass to End the First Half
2017-12-24 Melvin Gordon Beats Defenders and Rushes for a 39-Yard Gain
2017-12-24 Sean McGrath Makes Crazy Catch for 23-Yard Gain
2017-12-24 Melvin Gordon Spins Into the End Zone for a 1-Yard Touchdown
2017-12-24 Coach Lynn Recaps the 14-7 Win vs. the Jets
2017-12-24 Philip Rivers Recaps 14-7 Win vs. Jets
2017-12-24 Damion Square: "We Are Right Where We Need to Be"
2017-12-24 Tyrell Williams: "We're Still in the Playoff Hunt"
2017-12-24 Casey Hayward on Still Pushing for the Playoffs
2017-12-24 Joe Barksdale: "It Was a Great Team Effort"
2017-12-24 Chargers vs. Jets: What Did We Learn?
2017-12-24 Chargers vs. Jets Highlights
2017-12-24 Top 5 Melvin Gordon Plays vs. Jets
2017-12-24 Locker Room Roundup: Still in the Playoff Hunt
2017-12-26 Radio Call of the Game: Antonio Gates' Touchdown
2017-12-26 Mic'd Up: Jahleel Addae
2017-12-26 Anthony Lynn Talks Melvin Gordon's Status for Sunday
2017-12-26 Game Rewind: Chargers vs. Jets
2017-12-26 Dish of the Week Presented by Tender Greens
2017-12-27 Coach Lynn: "We Need to Go Out and Get a Win"
2017-12-27 Ken Whisenhunt: "We've Had a Lot of Guys Step Up"
2017-12-27 Philip Rivers: 'It's Always a Heck of a Game' vs. Oakland
2017-12-27 It's Raiders Week
2017-12-27 Chargers Update: Bolts Prep for Raiders
2017-12-27 Ask The Booth: Raiders Preview With Nick and Matt
2017-12-27 Xs and Os: How Antonio Gates Scored His 114th Touchdown
2017-12-28 Goal Line to Goal Line with Joe Barksdale
2017-12-28 GMFB Predicting the Playoff Picture: Los Angeles Chargers
2017-12-28 X's and O's: Nick Looks at Raiders' Deep Ball Ability
2017-12-28 Coach Lynn: Oakland Is 'Physical Up Front'
2017-12-28 Gus Bradley: Marshawn Lynch 'Is Really Showing Up'
2017-12-28 Melvin Ingram: "We're Accepting All Challenges"
2017-12-28 Scouting the Oakland Raiders with Anthony Lynn
2017-12-28 Chargers Update: Raiders Week Continues
2017-12-29 Access Chargers: Episode 17
2017-12-29 Chargers LIVE: Previewing Raiders vs. Chargers
2017-12-29 Coach Lynn on Oakland: "We're Expecting Their Best Shot"
2017-12-29 Charley Casserly's Keys to a Chargers Win vs. Raiders
2017-12-29 Chargers Update: Final Injury Report
2017-12-29 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Raiders
2017-12-29 Chargers and Make-A-Wish Grant a Super Bowl Dream
2017-12-29 Behind the Numbers: Raiders vs. Chargers
2017-12-31 Travis Benjamin turns on turbo boost for a 21-yard gain
2017-12-31 Can't-Miss Play: Keenan Allen takes Gordon's fumble to the HOUSE
2017-12-31 Philip Rivers finds Keenan Allen for a gain of 28 yards
2017-12-31 Philip Rivers hits a wide-open Tyrell Williams for a 56-yard TD
2017-12-31 TBT: Rivers Lays Perfect Pass to Allen for TD vs. OAK
2017-12-31 Antonio Gates gets two feet down for a tough 20-yard catch
2017-12-31 Tre Boston intercepts Derek Carr on a deep pass in the end zone
2017-12-31 Keenan Allen freezes NaVorro Bowman, breaks loose for 23 yards
2017-12-31 Philip Rivers fires deep pass to Travis Benjamin for 62-yard TD
2017-12-31 Keenan Allen jukes defender on 27-yard reception
2017-12-31 Philip Rivers lasers pass to Antonio Gates for 13 yards
2017-12-31 Joey Bosa recovers fumble on Derek Carr's quarterback-sneak attempt
2017-12-31 Coach Lynn's Postgame Speech
2017-12-31 Travis Benjamin: "Sky's the Limit for Us"
2017-12-31 Coach Lynn: "This is a Championship Team"
2017-12-31 Best of Sound Bites: LAC Future Is Bright
2017-12-31 Keenan Allen: "We Played for Each Other"
2017-12-31 Philip Rivers: "We Were Just Short"
2017-12-31 Philip Rivers' Top 5 Throws vs. Oakland
2017-12-31 Watch: Raiders vs. Chargers Game Highlights
2017-12-31 Trevor Williams: "We Persevered Through a Lot"