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Doug Marrone: Mike Williams is "One of the Top Players in the Game"


On QB Philip Rivers…

"You look at Philip's career, and I haven't gone against him much, but I've always admired him from a distance the way he goes about it and the consistency. He's played a long time, (and) he's tough to fool. He's extremely intelligent, (and) he's an unbelievable competitor...Philip Rivers is too good of a quarterback. He's seen everything. You're not gonna fool him. He always knows where to go with the football. It'll be tough...Philip's the kind of guy (that) when he gets hot, he can really light you up." - Head Coach Doug Marrone

"He's throwing for a lot of yards. I think he's fourth of fifth in the league in their drives ending up in the red zone, so he's moving the ball extremely well. Around 350 yards of offense per game-- so he's still playing at an elite level. Yeah, he might be turning the ball over more but any given Sunday he can beat anybody in this league, so I think it's going to be a great challenge for us. I know it's going to be important for our defensive line to get pressure on him and hopefully we can get those guys covered up on the back end." - Defensive Coordinator Todd Walsh

"I've never heard him swear in his life, but boy he can talk a lot of crap. I think that adds fuel to our guys. I know he is a competitive, competitive person and it's a great challenge for us on defense with how competitive he is. Can we rattle him? I don't know, he's tough. But that's going to be one of our goals." - Defensive Coordinator Todd Walsh

"Veteran quarterback. He's a guy that if you make small mistakes, like a half-yard, he'll make you pay for it. He's a guy that likes to talk a lot of trash and always willing to back it up. I don't want to hear him talk all day, so defensively we're going to have to go out there and do our job." - Defensive Tackle Abry Jones

On facing an old-school QB...

"The mentality of rushing the passer is definitely different when you have a guy that's less mobile like Rivers is, but he definitely can still take advantage of you. He's incredible throwing the screen, (and) he's good at attacking you where you're weak. Nothing but respect for Philip Rivers. He's definitely a gold jacket guy, but it's nice (to not have to face) a scrambling quarterback for once." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

On RB Austin Ekeler...

"(Austin Ekeler) is a tough tackle. He runs the ball very, very hard. Every time he touches the ball, he's fighting for every yard he can get. Just as a competitor, I respect that so much. Not only is he a great running back, but he catches the ball so well out of the backfield. They line him up at receiver, and he has the whole route tree. He's a very talented player. Nothing but respect for him. I usually root for him when we're not playing them. I got him on my fantasy team, but this week I've got to bench him. He's definitely my favorite player on their team, the one I'm most impressed with." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

On WR Keenan Allen...

"Keenan Allen is one of the most underrated players in the NFL. Very elusive, runs great routes, has great hands." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

On WR Mike Williams…

"Obviously, he's someone that can run, and he has a really good catch radius. When you throw those 50-50 balls that can go either way, he's gonna come down with it most of the time. He's a tough matchup for anyone. Vertically down the field, he can stretch a defense. He's big, (and) he's strong. He's got a lot of traits that put him as one of the top players in the game. Then when you pair him with Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry, you've got yourself some pretty good guys running down the field. I'm talking about skill guys that can catch, have good catch radius, run good routes, good on the 50-50 balls. Plus, if you put everyone back there, those backs will come out of the backfield, and they can make people miss. It's tough." - Head Coach Doug Marrone

"Mike Williams, when him and Rivers are in sync, that's probably their best deep threat. Big body, goes and gets the ball. Definitely somebody you know can play football at a high level." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

On TE Hunter Henry...

"You know (Hunter Henry) is going to be a great player in this league for a long time. You can just see it on tape. He pops out." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

On RB Melvin Gordon...

"(Melvin) Gordon is very talented, runs the ball hard, (is) very elusive, (and is) a great player." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

On similarities between Jaguars and Chargers…

"We had a lot of close games earlier that we lost, and then we had a stretch that we got beat pretty bad. Then, you look at the Chargers, every game they've lost (has been) a one-score game. Those are games that can go either way. They're really, really close, but close doesn't get you there. You have to win them. It's tough, but at the same time, we're two teams filled with talent that are building cultures and should be good for a long time to come in this league. Just gotta stay with it...They've got a lot of talent over there. It's similar to us. A whole lot of talent (and) have kinda underachieved this year. Similar to us. Just fighting to stay in it and play for the love of the game." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

On DE Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram...

"Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are super-talented guys. They play hard and they can get after a QB. I have a lot of trust in my tackles, two young guys who are fighting their tails off every play. We're going to do some things schematically to try and get the ball out (and) mix it up on them." - Quarterback Gardner Minshew II

On the Chargers' Defense...

"Look at the guys they have on defense over there. Getting (Derwin) James back at the safety position is huge. He's a talented player. (Casey) Hayward is a super-talented player. I'm a Miami guy, so I like Denzel Perryman a lot, seeing what he's doing. And those edge rushers, you've got two incredible edge rushers, guys (they) can build off for a long time. They're going to be fighting for pride and trying to keep the guys together, just like we are." - Defensive End Calais Campbell

"I think they've got a lot of people that can make plays...You look at the edges. It's Joey (Bosa) and Melvin (Ingram). Both of those guys are high-end, Pro Bowl players. I really think Melvin Ingram's playing extremely well. The best I've seen him play...And, Joey, obviously, has a motor and doesn't stop. And (Justin) Jones and Brandon (Mebane) inside are a tough matchup...And you look at the second level, and the linebackers are playing well. Defensively, you look at the numbers, and they've done a nice job. They're doing well. It's gonna be a great challenge for us, (because) we're not scoring a lot of points. It's gonna be a tough challenge for our guys." - Head Coach Doug Marrone

"Their record is what it is just like ours, but they're playing very, very well on defense right now. So we have our hands full right now. They have two great edge rushers, a very good secondary and good linebackers, so another challenge for us this week but we are looking forward to the opportunity." - Offensive coordinator John DeFilippo

On LB Denzel Perryman...

"With (Denzel) Perryman in the middle, I've always liked him. He's active, he runs around, he's a big hitter, (and) he sees things." - Head Coach Doug Marrone

On recruiting LB Thomas Davis to play at Georgia:

"Someone said, 'Hey, we've got this player in the western part of Georgia that's a quarterback and free safety that's a pretty good athlete'… I met Thomas (Davis) and saw him play quarterback and free safety and I thought, 'This guy's an unbelievable athlete.' Real humble, good kid… We're not close, but every time we see each other we always make sure we say hello, and he says, 'Hey, Coach, thank you'... Thomas is a story I'll always look back on and be appreciative of how hard he's worked, and he's just such a great person." - Head Coach Doug Marrone

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