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Videos - October 2017

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2017-10-01 Access Chargers: Episode 4
2017-10-01 Inside the Locker Room: Eagles vs. Chargers
2017-10-01 Rivers to Allen for 21 Yards
2017-10-01 Tyrell Williams 75-Yard Touchdown Catch
2017-10-01 Keenan Allen 49-Yard Catch & Run
2017-10-01 Austin Ekeler 35-yard TD
2017-10-01 Hunter Henry Snags One-Handed TD Catch With Toe Tap
2017-10-01 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-10-01 Austin Ekeler: First Touchdown 'A Moment I Won't Forget'
2017-10-01 Philip Rivers Press Conference: "It Just Wasn't Enough"
2017-10-01 What Did We Learn? Eagles vs. Chargers
2017-10-01 Corey Liuget: Coach Lynn 'Said Some Powerful Words'
2017-10-01 Game Highlights: Eagles vs. Chargers
2017-10-01 Melvin Gordon Reacts to Loss vs. Eagles
2017-10-02 Radio Call of the Game: Tyrell Williams 75 Yard TD
2017-10-02 Spanish Call of the Game: Austin Ekeler's First Career Touchdown
2017-10-02 Austin Ekeler Reflects on First Career NFL TD
2017-10-02 Coach Lynn: Odell Beckham Jr. 'Is a Playmaker'
2017-10-02 Chargers Update: Giants Week Begins
2017-10-03 Top 5 Throws of Week 4: Philip Rivers to Tyrell Williams at No. 3
2017-10-03 Top 5 Catches of Week 4: Hunter Henry at Number 2
2017-10-03 Behind the Numbers: Keenan Allen's 138-Yard Game
2017-10-03 Mic'd Up: Melvin Ingram vs. Philadelphia
2017-10-03 61 Seconds with Casey Hayward
2017-10-04 Coach Lynn: "I See a Lot of Similarities" in NYG
2017-10-04 Darius Philon 1-on-1
2017-10-04 Philip Rivers: Giants Defense Is Going to Be a Challenge
2017-10-04 Ken Whisenhunt: Austin Ekeler Is a Shining Example to Show to Young Players
2017-10-04 Practice Snapshot: Bolts Prep for Giants
2017-10-04 Chargers Update: Looking Ahead to the Giants
2017-10-04 Scouting the New York Giants
2017-10-05 Ask the Booth: Giants Preview with Nick and Matt
2017-10-05 Coach Lynn: "We Have Signed Nick Novak"
2017-10-05 Tre Boston: "They're in the Same Position We Are"
2017-10-05 Bradley: "It Still Comes Back to Our Fundamentals"
2017-10-05 Casey Hayward: "We Just Got to Finish These Close Games"
2017-10-05 Nick Novak: "It's Great to Be Back"
2017-10-05 Ride-Along with Corey Liuget
2017-10-05 Chargers Update: Bolts Sign New Kicker
2017-10-05 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Continue to Train for Giants
2017-10-06 Chargers on Facing Odell and the Giants
2017-10-06 Behind the Numbers: Chargers vs. Giants
2017-10-06 Chargers Update: Final Injury Updates
2017-10-06 Chargers Live: Previewing Chargers vs. Giants
2017-10-06 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Giants
2017-10-06 Chargers Head to New York
2017-10-06 Access Chargers: Episode 5
2017-10-08 Joey Bosa Sends Eli Manning to the Ground
2017-10-08 Joey Bosa Knocks the Ball out of Eli Manning's Hand
2017-10-08 Philip Rivers Hits Tyrell Williams for a 22-Yard Catch
2017-10-08 Philip Rivers Hits Melvin Gordon for a 6-Yard TD
2017-10-08 Melvin Gordon Throws Janoris Jenkins to Ground With Wicked Stiff Arm
2017-10-08 Philip Rivers Hits Keenan Allen in Coverage for an 18-Yard Gain
2017-10-08 Philip Rivers Hits Hunter Henry for a 25-Yard TD
2017-10-08 Philip Rivers Hits Melvin Gordon for a 22-Yard Catch-And-Run
2017-10-08 Melvin Ingram Forces a Fumble on Eli Manning and Recovers
2017-10-08 Philip Rivers Hits Melvin Gordon for a 10-Yard TD
2017-10-08 Tre Boston Picks off Eli Manning to Seal Chargers' First Win of 2017
2017-10-08 Philip Rivers: "It's Been a Long Time"
2017-10-08 Melvin Gordon: "We Have to Keep It Rolling"
2017-10-08 Joey Bosa: "We're Going to Enjoy This Right Now"
2017-10-08 Damion Square: "We're Executing at a High Level"
2017-10-08 Melvin Ingram: We Do Whatever It Takes to Get to the Quarterback
2017-10-08 Chargers vs. Giants: What Did We Learn?
2017-10-08 Game Highlights: Chargers vs. Giants
2017-10-08 Melvin Gordon's Top 5 Plays vs. Giants
2017-10-08 WATCH: Coach Lynn's Postgame Speech and Celebration
2017-10-08 Melvin Gordon Talks to "Primetime" After the Win
2017-10-09 Radio Call of the Game: Melvin Gordon's Go-Ahead Touchdown
2017-10-09 Spanish Call of the Game: Hunter Henry's 25-yard Touchdown
2017-10-09 Coach Lynn: "We Can Build off That Performance Yesterday"
2017-10-09 Jonathan Smith
2017-10-09 Donnie Edwards
2017-10-09 Justin Turner
2017-10-10 Behind the Numbers: Melvin Gordon's Performance vs. Giants
2017-10-10 Game Rewind: Chargers vs. Giants
2017-10-10 Mic'd Up: Jahleel Addae vs. Giants
2017-10-11 Ken Whisenhunt: "We Were Pleased with the Run Game"
2017-10-11 Philip Rivers: Mike Williams Is 'a Weapon for Us'
2017-10-11 Matt Money's Fantasy Advice for Week 6
2017-10-11 Chargers vs. Raiders Week 6 Game Preview
2017-10-11 Top 5 Performances of Week 5: Melvin Gordon at Number 2
2017-10-11 Coach Lynn: All of Our Focus Is on Oakland
2017-10-11 Adrian Phillips 1-on-1
2017-10-11 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Prep for Oakland
2017-10-11 Chargers Update: Looking Ahead to the Raiders
2017-10-12 Ask the Booth: Raiders Preview with Nick and Matt
2017-10-12 Goal Line to Goal Line with Tre Boston
2017-10-12 TBT: LT vs. Raiders
2017-10-12 Joey Bosa: "We Need to Start Making a Push"
2017-10-12 Gus Bradley: Marshawn Lynch Is a 'Very Intelligent Football Player'
2017-10-12 Coach Lynn on Potential Change of Location
2017-10-12 Chris McCain: "Marshawn Lynch Is a Great Test"
2017-10-12 Practice Snapshot: Bolts Continue Prep
2017-10-12 Chargers Update: Bolts Prep for Raiders
2017-10-12 Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram Lead League in Combined Sacks
2017-10-12 Scouting the Oakland Raiders with Anthony Lynn
2017-10-13 NFLN: Melvin Ingram on Giants Win and Facing Oakland
2017-10-13 Mike Williams: “I Feel Like I'm All Healed”
2017-10-13 Coach Lynn's Final Press Conference Before Sunday's Game
2017-10-13 Chargers Live: Previewing Chargers vs. Raiders
2017-10-13 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Raiders
2017-10-13 Chargers Update: Final Injury Updates
2017-10-13 Chargers on Facing Carr and the Raiders
2017-10-13 Are You Ready? Chargers vs Raiders
2017-10-15 Derek Carr picked off by CB Trevor Williams
2017-10-15 Melvin Gordon Gets Airborne to Put Chargers on the Board
2017-10-15 Corey Liuget Gets DeAndre Washington for a Big Loss
2017-10-15 Hayes Pullard Intercepts Pass Tipped off Marshawn Lynch
2017-10-15 Mike Williams Makes First Catch in Rookie Career
2017-10-15 Melvin Gordon Scores Second Touchdown of the Day
2017-10-15 Philip Rivers Goes Back to Tight End Hunter Henry for Big Gain
2017-10-15 Melvin Gordon Hurdles Defender for Gain
2017-10-15 Chargers Nail Game-Winning Field Goal at Buzzer
2017-10-15 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-10-15 Philip Rivers: It Was A 'Good Team Win'
2017-10-15 Nick Novak: "I Think They Have a Lot of Faith in Me"
2017-10-15 Mike Williams: "I Was Just Waiting on My Opportunity"
2017-10-15 Keenan Allen: "Our Confidence Is There"
2017-10-15 Chargers vs. Raiders: What Did We Learn?
2017-10-15 Chargers vs. Raiders Highlights
2017-10-15 Coach Lynn's Postgame Speech and Celebration
2017-10-15 Access Chargers: Episode 6
2017-10-15 What You Missed Against Oakland: Jahleel Addae
2017-10-15 What You Missed Against Oakland: Trevor Williams
2017-10-15 What You Missed Against Oakland: Keenan Allen
2017-10-16 Unstoppable Plays of the Week: Melvin Gordon Touchdown
2017-10-16 Hunter Henry Celebrates the Game-Winning Field Goal
2017-10-16 Radio Call of the Game: The Game Winning Drive
2017-10-16 Coach Lynn: Denzel Perryman 'Will Practice This Week'
2017-10-16 Watch: Fans Celebrate the Game-Winning Field Goal
2017-10-16 Chargers Update: Injury Report Following Win
2017-10-17 Spanish Call of the Game: Melvin Gordon's 6-yard Touchdown
2017-10-17 Game Rewind: Chargers vs. Raiders
2017-10-17 Most Satisfying Plays of Week 6: Novak at Number 1
2017-10-17 Mic'd Up: Hunter Henry vs. Raiders
2017-10-17 61 Seconds with Tre Boston
2017-10-17 Behind the Numbers: Chargers vs. Raiders Recap
2017-10-17 The New SoFi Stadium at Hollywood Park Update
2017-10-18 Coach Lynn: Melvin Gordon Is a "Very Unselfish Player"
2017-10-18 Melvin Gordon: 4th Best Performance of Week 6
2017-10-18 Watch: Powder Blue Jersey Returns on Sunday
2017-10-18 Philip Rivers: Denver Will Be a Heck of a Challenge
2017-10-18 Ken Whisenhunt: Exciting To See Mike Williams Play
2017-10-18 Denzel Perryman Talks About His Return to Practice
2017-10-18 Trevor Williams 1-on-1
2017-10-18 Chargers Update: Perryman's Return
2017-10-18 London Game Travel Advice
2017-10-18 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Prep for Broncos
2017-10-18 Broncos vs. Chargers Week 7 Preview
2017-10-19 Goal Line to Goal Line with Jahleel Addae
2017-10-19 Ask the Booth: Raiders Recap and More
2017-10-19 Behind the Numbers: 2017 Season
2017-10-19 Coach Lynn: Mike Williams Will Continue to Grow
2017-10-19 Damion Square 1-on-1
2017-10-19 Trevor Williams: "I Just Try to Do My Job"
2017-10-19 Gus Bradley: “We're Trying to Limit Explosive Plays”
2017-10-19 Practice Snapshot: Bolts Continue Prep
2017-10-19 Chargers Update: Bolts Prepare for Denver
2017-10-20 Scouting the Denver Broncos
2017-10-20 Dave Dameshek Picks Chargers on Sunday
2017-10-20 Anthony Lynn: Keenan Allen 'Hopeful' to Play
2017-10-20 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Broncos
2017-10-20 Chargers Update: Final Injury Report
2017-10-20 Vegas Hero Visits Chargers
2017-10-20 Chargers on Facing the Broncos
2017-10-22 Inside the Pregame Locker Room
2017-10-22 Chargers Force Fumble on First Possession
2017-10-22 Travis Benjamin 65-Yard Punt Return TD
2017-10-22 Philip Rivers Throws to Hunter Henry for 19 Yards
2017-10-22 Austin Ekeler 1-Yard Touchdown Catch
2017-10-22 Chargers' Defense Forces 2nd Fumble of the Game
2017-10-22 Drew Kaser's 69-yard Punt Stops at 1-Yard Line
2017-10-22 Joey Bosa Burns Allen Barbre for Sack
2017-10-22 Melvin Gordon Finds the Gap on 21-yard Run Up the Middle
2017-10-22 Hunter Henry Gets Key Catch on 3rd and 11
2017-10-22 Travis Benjamin Bolts Past Broncos for 42-yard TD
2017-10-22 Casey Hayward Picks Off Trevor Siemian
2017-10-22 Chris McCain Ambushes Trevor Siemian for Strip-Sack
2017-10-22 Casey Hayward Picks off Trevor Siemian's Pass
2017-10-22 Watch: Coach Lynn Postgame Speech
2017-10-22 Joey Bosa: "That Was a Lot of Fun"
2017-10-22 Melvin Ingram: We Are Headed in the Right Direction
2017-10-22 Casey Hayward: "Salute Our Defense Today"
2017-10-22 Tre Boston: Travis Benjamin Is 'Explosive'
2017-10-22 Austin Ekeler 1-on-1
2017-10-22 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-10-22 Travis Benjamin Reacts To His Two Touchdown Performance
2017-10-22 Drew Kaser 1-on-1
2017-10-22 Broncos vs. Chargers Game Highlights
2017-10-22 Broncos vs. Chargers: What Did We Learn?
2017-10-22 Philip Rivers: "It Was a Great Team Win"
2017-10-22 What You Missed Against Denver: Joey Bosa
2017-10-22 What You Missed Against Denver: Dan Feeney
2017-10-22 What You Missed Against Denver: Tyrell Williams
2017-10-23 Radio Call of the Game: Travis Benjamin's Punt Return for a Touchdown
2017-10-23 NFLN: Chargers Are a Very Scary Team on Defense
2017-10-23 Travis Benjamin Featured in Top Plays of Sunday
2017-10-23 Coach Lynn: The Patriots 'Are Not Going to Give You Anything'
2017-10-23 Chargers Update: Looking Ahead to the Patriots
2017-10-24 Spanish Call of the Game: Ekeler's Second Career TD
2017-10-24 Mic'd Up: Melvin Gordon vs. Broncos
2017-10-24 Game Rewind: Chargers vs. Broncos
2017-10-24 Chargers vs Patriots Week 8 Game Preview
2017-10-24 Chargers Award Lennox School District with Hometown Grant
2017-10-24 61 Seconds with Jahleel Addae
2017-10-25 What To Watch For: Chargers vs. Patriots
2017-10-25 Coach Lynn: Mike Williams' 'Role Won't Change'
2017-10-25 Ken Whisenhunt: Henry and Gates 'Have a Strong Bond'
2017-10-25 Philip Rivers: The Patriots 'Never Allow You to Get Comfortable'
2017-10-25 Jahleel Addae 1-on-1
2017-10-25 Dan Feeney: "It's Tough Losing a Leader Like Matt Slauson"
2017-10-25 Ask LT: Looking Ahead to New England
2017-10-25 Akbar Gbaja-Biamila
2017-10-25 Chargers Promote Crucial Catch Effort
2017-10-25 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Prep for Patriots
2017-10-26 Goal Line to Goal Line with Brandon Mebane
2017-10-26 Ask The Booth: Patriots Preview
2017-10-26 Hunter Henry: Gillette Stadium Will Be a 'Tough Environment'
2017-10-26 Coach Lynn: Getting to Brady 'Will Be a Key'
2017-10-26 Gus Bradley: Tom Brady Has Great 'Timing and Accuracy'
2017-10-26 Chris McCain: "This Is Home, I Love It Here"
2017-10-26 Chargers Update: Bolts Prepare for Patriots
2017-10-26 Locker Room Roundup: Facing Tom Brady
2017-10-26 Practice Snapshot: Chargers Continue Prep for Patriots
2017-10-27 NFLN: Bill Belichick Praises the Play of Joey Bosa
2017-10-27 NFLN: Joey Bosa Is One of the Scariest Players to Play Against
2017-10-27 Chargers LIVE: Previewing Chargers vs. Patriots
2017-10-27 Coach Lynn: Our Team 'Won't Flinch' vs. Patriots
2017-10-27 Scouting the New England Patriots with Anthony Lynn
2017-10-27 Chargers Update: Final Injury Updates
2017-10-27 3 Keys to a Chargers Victory vs. Patriots
2017-10-27 Chargers Head to New England
2017-10-27 NFLN: What Makes Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa So Dangerous?
2017-10-29 Can't-Miss Play: Melvin Gordon TO THE HOUSE for 87 yards
2017-10-29 Access Chargers: Episode 8
2017-10-29 Joey Bosa Chases Down Tom Brady for 9-Yard Loss
2017-10-29 Tyrell Williams Finds Open Space on 24-Yard Reception
2017-10-29 Travis Benjamin Hauls in 24-Yard Touchdown
2017-10-29 Philip Rivers: "There Are No Participation Trophies"
2017-10-29 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-10-29 Brandon Mebane on Loss to Patriots
2017-10-29 Casey Hayward: Brady 'Gets the Ball Out Fast'
2017-10-29 Hunter Henry: "We Have to Regroup"
2017-10-29 Corey Liuget: We Have to 'Get Turnovers'
2017-10-29 Desmond King 1-on-1
2017-10-29 Chargers vs. Patriots: What Did We Learn?
2017-10-29 Chargers vs. Patriots Highlights
2017-10-29 Melvin Gordon vs. Patriots Highlights
2017-10-30 Radio Call of the Game: Melvin Gordon's 87-yard Touchdown
2017-10-30 Game Rewind: Chargers vs. Patriots
2017-10-30 Coach Lynn: "Denzel Should Be Ready for Jacksonville"
2017-10-30 Ken Whisenhunt: "We Have to Eliminate the Mistakes"
2017-10-30 Gus Bradley: "Desmond King Has Really Grown"
2017-10-31 Chargers Update: Bye Week Begins
2017-10-31 freeD: How Travis Benjamin Beat Malcolm Butler on TD
2017-10-31 Halloween Pop Quiz
2017-10-31 Mic'd Up: Casey Hayward vs. New England
2017-10-31 Reviewing the New England Patriots with Anthony Lynn