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What are the Broncos Saying About Their Week 5 Matchup Against the Bolts?

Miller and Fangio new

On Philip Rivers' talent...

"Who likes playing against Philip (Rivers)? He's an accurate quarterback. He's going to be able to make all the throws (and) make all the checks. He's an elite quarterback, and he has elite receivers and elite talent around him, so it's definitely a tough challenge coming in…We'll have to play a tight game if we want to come out on top." - Linebacker Von Miller

"The guy loves football. He is out there like he's in the backyard playing when he was ten years old. He just loves to play, and he has not lost one decibel off his stinger. Then you go to his talent, (and) he's a great passer...Any time you get a veteran quarterback with his football acumen in an offense (that remains similar through the years), good things are gonna happen. That's the secret to (Drew) Brees in New Orleans (and) part of the secret to (Tom) Brady in New England. If those guys lose an ounce or two of skill, they're making up for it in experience, instincts and reactions." - Head Coach Vic Fangio

On defending Philip Rivers...

"He's a tough quarterback to play. There's no one way to play him, because they're adept at figuring out what (coverage) you're in and what to go to and where to throw the ball after you get the reads. He's like all the great quarterbacks. You gotta mix it up and try to slow his process down a little bit, knowing that's very hard to do, and try and do a good job covering their receivers...Any time you're dealing with a quarterback of his talent and the receivers he's throwing to, any little edge you can give yourself helps." - Head Coach Vic Fangio

"Against a player of his caliber, you've got to knock him down a couple of times to win the game." - Defensive Coordinator Ed Donatell

On Philip Rivers' competitiveness...

"He came out talking a lot of mess to me (last season), but it made the game fun. It's just a big rival, and I think it's my 17th time playing against him, so it's going to definitely be fun...I got to spend time with Phil Rivers] and [Keenan Allen at the Pro Bowl. They've been real cool with me, so just big respect from my end and their end. There have been a lot of battles...We go back and forth, but I know we've probably won a majority of the games." - Cornerback Chris Harris Jr.

"He just brings out that competitive spirit in everyone. Obviously, everyone knows him for his trash talking, and he's one of the greats that have played the game for a long time, and (he) plays the right way. When you're out there and he starts making a couple of plays and starts getting himself going, he starts talking a little bit of smack, and he starts calling out what he thinks you're doing on defense. It gets you going a little bit. He starts talking to you, and you see him start talking to your teammates, and they're jawing back. As competitors in the heat of the moment, you just thrive off that type of stuff." - Safety Justin Simmons

"I really don't even talk during the game. I'm just looking forward to what I can do next, but if anybody can get (trash talk) out of me, it's Philip." - Linebacker Von Miller

On Keenan Allen...

"He's one of the best route runners in the league...He'll run full speed, and then he'll slow down. He'll switch it up on you on his tempos. Also, of course, he has a great quarterback like Philip Rivers that can just put the ball in his chest, so that just makes him even tougher to guard. He can do it all, and he's definitely improved as the years have gone on." - Cornerback Chris Harris Jr.

"He's pretty damn tough. Nobody has done a good enough job of slowing him down yet. He has a bunch of catches, (and) he runs great routes. Him and Rivers have a really good (relationship). They've been throwing and catching with each other for a good few years. (Allen) leads the NFL in targets, I believe. It's a tough assignment any time you have to go against a great receiver and a great quarterback. We'll have to give (Allen) some attention, obviously, but you can't give him attention on each and every play." - Head Coach Vic Fangio

On Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler...

"Obviously, we'll watch tape of (Melvin Gordon), so the guys can familiarize themselves with his running style and his abilities. They've got good running backs. I'd be surprised if they don't mix it up there. (Austin) Ekeler's done a great job in Gordon's absence and (has) made a lot of big plays for the Chargers in these first four weeks and is very, very capable, but obviously Gordon is their guy. He's a great back. He's a complete back, which makes it harder. I'm sure they're going to get him in there."- Head Coach Vic Fangio

On the Chargers defense...

"I have a great deal of respect for (Chargers defensive coordinator) Gus Bradley and what he's done in this league (and) his defenses. (Having gone) against his style in San Francisco with one of his assistants, it's a sound scheme, an eight-man front scheme, they know their roles, they have one of the elite pass rushers in this league, (and) they have a very underrated (cornerback) that I've had a lot of respect for going against him in the past. I think they just know their roles, they know their defense, they're going to do what they do, they're gonna play hard, they're gonna play sound, and they're gonna make you earn everything." - Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello

"They're a good football team. (Defensively), they run the same type of defense that the Jaguars run. I'm looking forward to going and playing against those guys… It'll be a good test for us because we're going on the road (to see if) we (can) beat a divisional opponent and (can) get our first win. Hopefully we'll be in that lane Sunday after the game with (everyone) feeling optimistic about the season and hopefully we never lose again, so that's the mindset." - Wide Receiver Emmanuel Sanders

"They run their defense. They have guys that are very sound in their assignments and do what they're supposed to do. So, in terms of their defense, they're doing a lot of the same things (as they did against the Baltimore Ravens in the 2019 playoffs)." - Quarterback Joe Flacco

On Joey Bosa...

"(Joey Bosa) seems like a long, rangy type guy that can obviously be a force in the passing game. It looks like he has pretty long arms so if you let him get on you, then he can disrupt things." - Quarterback Joe Flacco

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