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What are the Dolphins Saying About the Bolts?

Rosen and Flores 2

On defensive ends Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram and the Chargers defense...

"Joey Bosa is one of the best young defenders in the NFL. He has a tremendous motor. He has all the pass rush moves. He has power and speed. And with Melvin Ingram, it comes from both sides. They have a really good defense." - Head Coach Brian Flores

On Philip Rivers…

"(Philip Rivers) is one of the top quarterbacks in this league. He's done it for a long, long time, very cerebral, great arm, (and he) can get them into the best play. There's definitely a perfect play mentality to him and to that team. (The Chargers) do a really good job from that standpoint: (they) get up to the line of scrimmage quickly, (Rivers) surveys the defense, looks at it, he says, 'there's a weak spot,' puts them in a play, and tries to attack it. That's hard to defend...They are going to stress us. That's what Rivers does. He does a good job putting his team in positions to stress the opponent. They've played well this year offensively." - Head Coach Brian Flores

"He's an unbelievable player. When I played him last year, I think he was one throw short of a perfect game, which is hard to compete with." - Quarterback Josh Rosen

On the Chargers offense...

"Obviously Keenan Allen, (Austin) Ekeler, those guys have been very productive this year. They've got a lot of good skill players, and obviously it starts with Philip Rivers. Good O-line, this is a good team....We've gotta do a good job really as a total defense from stopping the run to rushing the passer to doing a good job in our zone coverage, playing with good leverage in man coverage...Everything's gotta be spot on." - Head Coach Brian Flores

"We have a pretty good offensive team coming in here. They have a coach that has familiarity with the system and (Anthony Lynn) knows us pretty well having been in our division for a while… The O-line is probably one of the more athletic O-lines in the league and they do a good job of getting to people on a first and second level…. And the (running) backs are dynamic. They can run the ball, they can catch passes and (Keenan Allen) has been targeted 200,000 times. They have good players out there." - Defensive Coordinator Patrick Graham

On the Chargers running backs...

"Justin Jackson is explosive. I mean, he's averaging seven yards a carry, so this guy's a good back. Ekeler is a good back (and) good receiver. It's almost like you're playing another (wide) receiver out there when he's spread out. (Ekeler) does a good job on screens." - Head Coach Brian Flores

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