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Wednesday Roundup: A Focus on Improvement, Homecoming for Pouncey and Bosa, and More

Quarterback Philip Rivers and head coach Anthony Lynn addressed the media Wednesday, each referencing the Chargers' 2017 season. The Bolts began 0-4 that year, before ending on a 9-3 stretch.

"It wasn't that long ago (that) I remember a (Chargers) team being (0-4)," Lynn said, "and that team didn't stop."

Rivers said that the Chargers are aware that there is much of the season left to turn things around.

"There are a lot of teams right now that are in that 1-2, 2-1 pack (aside from) a handful that have won them all," Rivers said. "It's by no means a time to panic, but certainly we know that we can't keep slipping up."

Focus on Improvement

"This is a big week for us to focus on getting better," Rivers said. "We're doing so many good things."

However, he added that not executing "the little things" has prevented the Chargers from winning the past two weeks.

"We're a couple (of) plays here and there from being 3-0, and we're a couple of plays here and there from being 0-3," Rivers said.

Respect for the Dolphins

Lynn and Rivers also cautioned that the Dolphins' 0-3 record should not necessarily be read too much into either.

"I think it's way too early to get caught up in a (win-loss) record," Rivers said.

Lynn said the Dolphins' first three games of the season have come against "three of the better teams right now in our league."

"That team's playing hard, they have talent, (and) they're fighting," Lynn said.

Lynn referred to the Dolphins' Brian Flores as "an outstanding young coach."

"I have no doubt (Flores) is going to turn that thing around," Lynn said. "It's my job to make sure he doesn't do it this week, but it's a good football team at home."

Lynn said the Chargers "can't be too relaxed going into this game at all."

"We're going to get their best shot," Lynn said. "We understand that."

Rivers said the Dolphins are "more than capable of beating (the Chargers)."

Pouncey's Return to Miami

Lynn spoke about center Mike Pouncey, who returns to play in Miami for the first time as a visitor after seven seasons with the Dolphins.

"I have no doubt Pouncey will keep his emotions in check," Lynn said. "He has a lot of friends there…I'm sure it'll be exciting for him. [South Florida] is home for him."

Joey Bosa

Sunday will also mark a homecoming for defensive end Joey Bosa, who was born and raised in nearby Fort Lauderdale. Lynn spoke about Bosa, who he called "a complete football player."

"His effort has been outstanding -- chasing the ball down from behind, his effort against the run," Lynn said. "It's not just about sacks with Joey."

Stopping the Run

Lynn said that the defense has placed a special emphasis on defending against the run.

"We understand that if we are going to go where we want to go in this league," Lynn said, "we have to be able to stop the run, and I think all 11 guys did that (last Sunday)."

Teamer Starting at Strong Safety

Lynn said rookie Roderic Teamer will start at strong safety for the second consecutive game.

"He'll have a chance to work through some of the mistakes he made last week," Lynn said, before adding that the coaching staff has the flexibility to change things around at defensive back throughout the course of this Sunday's game.

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