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Raiders "Have Our Work Cut Out for Us" with Bosa, Ingram and Rivers


On Defensive Ends Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram…

"They're two of the best. They're dynamic players. The effort level they have is special… (Melvin) Ingram is all over the place. Someone needs to do a statistical chart on this guy — how many miles he runs per game. He's the middle linebacker on goal-line defense, he's a rover on third down, he walks around, I don't know where the hell he is. He's going to play over the guard, over the edge. He's sideline to sideline. He runs like a linebacker, and he has defensive end-type size. And (Joey) Bosa, he's just a problem. He's a really good pass rusher, he's got tremendous hand usage and he has an arsenal of moves. It's hard to find him, (since) he moves around, so we'll have our hands full with them." - Head Coach Jon Gruden

"Oh my gosh. They're two of the best in the whole NFL, and they're on the same football team. They do a great job of getting after the quarterback. You see what they did against a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers last week. It was tough for Green Bay to get first downs, tough for them to move the ball at points, and the man [Philip Rivers] is pretty good." - Quarterback Derek Carr

On Quarterback Philip Rivers…

"He's super consistent, man. He doesn't care if he throws three picks or three touchdowns, he's super competitive. The man just gives it his all. Super smart. He's not ever going to beat you with his legs, he's not going to scramble around for 100 yards in a game or anything like that, which is even more credit to him and what he's been able to do throughout his whole career. He's one of the best ever to play this game. Let's not get it twisted. So many times people always just look at wins and say, 'Well this guy has more.' Alright, let's pump the brakes. It's a team sport. Philip Rivers is definitely one of the best to ever play (and) is one of the smartest to ever play this game. They put everything on his shoulder, and to do that year in and year out and still be productive, is just crazy impressive to every quarterback. Everyone that just watches him, and you know what is asked of him every single year, it's really, really impressive." - Quarterback Derek Carr

"I have a great respect for him. He's what this league is all about and should be about. His on-the-field performance is one thing. His off-the-field preparation (is) legendary, (and he's a) great family person, tremendous leader, loves to compete, and I love playing against guys like that. I know I look up to him, I know our players do, and we got a lot of respect for Rivers." - Head Coach Jon Gruden

"Obviously you see how much of a competitor he is, and he's just a great quarterback. So being able to have him when I was young receiver helped me and improved my game a lot." - Wide Receiver Tyrell Williams

On Rivers and the Chargers Supporting Cast...

"He's a coach on the field. He seems like he has a green light to do a lot of things, and he has a lot of experience to draw from. They've got a great supporting cast now that their line is getting healthy. You look at Melvin Gordon, (Mike) Williams, Keenan Allen, and their tight end's a force. They have a lot of weapons and they play good enough defense to get them the ball here and there. That's the biggest problem is that they can run it, they've got some weapons, and (Rivers) is really good. A great competitor too." - Head Coach Jon Gruden

On Wide Receiver Keenan Allen...

"I work out with (Keenan Allen) in the offseason. He's a unique receiver in the way he runs routes and releases, so I try to take stuff from his game learning from him. He's a great player, so anything I can take from his game is big for me." - Wide Receiver Tyrell Williams

On Chargers Offense in Shane Steichen's first game as O.C…

"I just think they played a complete game really, I mean the same style of plays. They ran the ball a little bit more in the second half, and then Philip [Rivers] was real, real efficient, and they were able to mix the run and the play-action a little bit better." - Defensive Coordinator Paul Guenther

On facing former team...

"It's definitely going to be weird, but I'm excited. It's going to be a lot of fun. I have a lot of friends on the team… I've been even more excited all week to be able to play in this game. I stay pretty even-keeled, but I think I'll have a lot more juice this week." - Wide Receiver Tyrell Williams

On the Chargers' strengths…

"That offense is pretty good, and their defense is that good, and so we have our work cut out for us, that's for sure. I don't want it to get it lost in all of this (that) we lost to them twice last year. We need to get this win. We need to make sure we handle this and take care of business." - Quarterback Derek Carr

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