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The Best of Week 9 on the Chargers Podcast Network

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Chargers Weekly

This week on Chargers Weekly, Chris Hayre kicked off the episode with another beat writers roundtable featuring Southern California News Group's Gilbert Manzano, the Los Angeles Times' Jeff Miller and The Athletic's Daniel Popper to discuss how the Chargers can stop Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and running back Aaron Jones.

"(The Chargers) have a chance, because they have two guys playing at an elite Pro Bowl level in Joey Bosa and Casey Hayward," Manzano said. "Maybe Joey Bosa can disrupt the running game and Aaron Jones and Casey Hayward can take away at least one receiver to help out Rayshawn Jenkins and Roderic Teamer. Desmond King has been playing pretty well too, so they have guys that can hold up against Aaron Rodgers."

Later, Chris gathered this week's opposing view from Packers beat writer Matt Schneidman of The Athletic, who says that the Packers' offense is "a lot more explosive" when wide receiver Davante Adams, who has not played since Week 4, is healthy.

"Adams is their best red zone threat, (having) led the NFL in red zone touchdowns last year. Jones and some others have helped compensate (in Adams' absence)... Adams is one of the best off the line of scrimmage, he's one of the best route runners in the NFL (and) probably a top five receiver, so he just really opens everything up for everyone else. If I had to guess, I'd say he plays for the first time since Week 4 on Sunday."

Finally, NFL Media's Marcas Grant gave his input on the fantasy implications of injuries and underperformances around the league.

"This has been a year where normally you can find a few really good gems off the waiver wire, even this late into the season, and that hasn't happened," Grant said. "Aside from that first week where maybe you got a Gardner Minshew or maybe there's a Terry McLaurin out on the waiver wire, it's been thin. So, generally the team you drafted is the team you've had to roll with."


On this week's edition of Playmakers, CBS Sports' veteran reporter Tracy Wolfson joins host Hayley Elwood to analyze what makes a great sideline reporter, discuss her prolific journalism career and preview this Sunday's Packers-Chargers matchup.

Wolfson, who has been patrolling football and basketball sidelines for CBS since 2004, shared the key attributes she believes a sideline reporter should possess. She emphasized the importance of being concise and a team player.

"You have to be really selfless," Wolfson said. "It's not about how many times you're on the air. It's the quality of work you do on the air and behind the scenes."

When interviewing players or coaches, Wolfson stressed the value of asking questions that "elicit emotion" and listening closely and following up with relevant questions. She added that the shorter one's questions, the better. That way, an interviewer can get right to the point and have time to ask more questions.

Speaking of short, the 5-2 Wolfson spoke with fellow 5-2 reporter Elwood about how her height makes her feel tougher.

"I feel like I have to put on this tough persona," Wolfson said. "And not let anything knock me down and be stronger than I am and taller and bigger and just be out there. You don't want to be looked down upon literally or figuratively."

Wolfson also explained why she loves covering March Madness, saying that it is unlike any other sporting event and "you never know what to expect."

Looking ahead to this Sunday's Packers-Chargers game, which Wolfson will be covering from the sidelines, she shared her excitement to see legendary quarterbacks Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers face off.

"Philip Rivers loves to do that trash talking without the cursing, and he gets all fired up and into it," Wolfson said. "You know he's gonna just relish the opportunity to go against Aaron...I can't wait to see how they interact pregame and what they say to each other postgame."

Wolfson said that Rodgers, while also fueled by emotion, has a personality that differs from Rivers'.

"You always feel like he's playing with a little bit of a chip or an edge on his shoulder," Wolfson said. "It's gonna be a treat for us to be able to cover this game."

She says the key for the Chargers is "to try to keep (Rodgers) off the field, control the time of possession and just rush and get him off his mark."

"I think it's really going to come down to Philip Rivers and the offense and controlling the ball," Wolfson said. "It means you got to run the ball."

She added that the Bolts "have those pass rushers and can get to (Rodgers)." This includes defensive end Joey Bosa, whom Wolfson praised for his "strength, emotion, motor and passion."

"He is just completely dominating, (and) it's such a pleasure to watch," Wolfson said.

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