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Former NFL QB Mark Sanchez: Justin Herbert 'Doesn't Even Realize How Good He Is'


Fox Sports' Mark Sanchez and NFL Network's Jim Trotter were guests on the latest episode of "Chargers Weekly" from training camp at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa.

Download and subscribe to the Chargers Podcast Network wherever you get your podcasts. Full video episodes are available on and the team's official YouTube channel. Among the topics with Sanchez:

  • Memories of training camp (:40)
  • Impressions of quarterback Justin Herbert entering his second NFL season (3:11)
  • On joint practices being "better than preseason games" (5:33)
  • Safety Derwin James and head coach Brandon Staley's defensive scheme (7:20)

Among the topics with Trotter:

  • Having fans back in 2021 (13:40)
  • Joint practices "the new NFL" (15:08)
  • Thoughts on the Chargers' offseason (19:22)
  • Forecasting the AFC (23:13)

Highlights from the conversation are below:

Sanchez on Herbert entering year two

"One of the craziest things that people don't really understand is you're a 22-year-old kid and you're in college and overnight your entire life changes. Now you're expected to be the face of a franchise. You got 50 million dollars in your bank account and you're expected to make decisions like a 65-year-old Supreme Court Justice. And that's unrealistic, you're still a kid.

"So, it's such a big jump. It's such a big transition, but I think he's handled it so well because, like you said, he had no offseason. He's learning on the fly and to see flashes, that's what you want to see as a rookie, especially as a quarterback. Just see some flashes, show me some flashes – that it's there. And then pretty soon you'll get more consistent with that. But he looks so comfortable already. Understanding situations, competing his ass off and the best part about it is he doesn't even know. He doesn't even realize how good he is. …

"He's got every club in the bag. He's got every throw in the bag and he's still learning."

Trotter on the Chargers in 2021

"Oh, if they're healthy, they can not only challenge Kansas City, but challenge for a Lombardi Trophy. Again, this roster is stacked. You tell me where the weaknesses are. The most important position on a team is the quarterback. They've got that. They've got what we've seen thus far from the offensive line, the upgrades that have been made. There's a lot of optimism there that that unit's going to be really productive and efficient."

Trotter on forecasting the AFC

"The AFC is fun. ... This is what makes the NFL to me and I think to so many fans must-see TV, because every week if you're not on your game, you can get beat. I can give you storylines about all of the clubs that you mentioned, about why they can win a championship. I can also present to you maybe why they might fall short. That's just what makes it fun to see how it all plays out."

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