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Videos - August 2017

Published On Title
2017-08-01 Anthony Lynn with Steve Mariucci: "We Will Be Balanced"
2017-08-01 Philip Rivers: I'm Thankful for Our Wide Receivers
2017-08-01 Coach Lynn Day 3 Press Conference
2017-08-01 Gus Bradley: Joey Bosa and Brandon Mebane Have Stood Out
2017-08-01 Ken Whisenhunt: Melvin Gordon 'Proved a Lot' Last Year
2017-08-01 Camp Spotlight: Keenan Allen Highlights
2017-08-01 Day 3 Recap: What Stood out on Day 3 of Training Camp?
2017-08-02 Coach Lynn Day 4 Press Conference
2017-08-02 Deon Sanders Congratulates LT
2017-08-02 Michael Irvin Congratulates LT
2017-08-02 Terrell Davis and Marshall Faulk on LT
2017-08-02 First Look: Casey Hayward Mic'd Up
2017-08-02 Camp Spotlight: Joey Bosa Highlights
2017-08-03 LaDainian Tomlinson Career Highlights
2017-08-03 Steve Mariucci: Philip Rivers is 'The Full Package'
2017-08-03 Hall of Famers Reflect on LT
2017-08-03 The Moment LT Knew He Was A Charger
2017-08-04 LT Answers Fan Questions
2017-08-04 Coach Lynn Day 5 Press Conference
2017-08-04 Melvin Gordon: "We Want To Be The Best Team"
2017-08-04 Dontrelle Inman: "It Feels Good To Be Back"
2017-08-04 LT Reflects on His Career
2017-08-04 Highlights from Day 5 of Camp
2017-08-04 Top 5 Plays from Day 5
2017-08-04 Remembering LaDainian Tomlinson's Career
2017-08-05 Hall of Fame Update: Friday Recap and Saturday Preview
2017-08-05 Inside Canton: A Look at LTs New Locker
2017-08-05 Nate Burleson Jumps on a Car to Interview LaDainian Tomlinson
2017-08-05 Al Michaels On LT's Career
2017-08-05 NFL's Elite Congratulate LaDainian Tomlinson
2017-08-05 Highlights from LT's Grand Parade
2017-08-05 Lorenzo Neal Presents LaDainian Tomlinson at the Hall of Fame
2017-08-05 LaDainian Tomlinson Gives Thanks to Former Chargers Teammates
2017-08-05 Watch: LaDainian Tomlinson's Hall of Fame Speech
2017-08-05 Melvin Ingram: "The Atmosphere is Amazing"
2017-08-05 Philip Rivers: "There's No Bad Seat in the House"
2017-08-05 First Interview with LT Post Hall of Fame Speech
2017-08-06 Top 5 Plays From Day 6
2017-08-06 Hall of Fame Update: Saturday Recap
2017-08-06 Highlights from StubHub Center on Day 6
2017-08-06 Best of LaDainian Tomlinson's Hall of Fame speech
2017-08-06 A Look Inside LT's Afterparty
2017-08-06 Jerome Bettis on LT: "There's Not a Guy More Deserving"
2017-08-06 Lorenzo Neal on LT's Speech
2017-08-07 Gus Bradley: Everyday is Sunday for Joey Bosa
2017-08-07 Coach Lynn Day 8 Press Conference
2017-08-07 John Spanos: Chargers Look Forward to Having Keenan Allen Back
2017-08-07 Tre Boston: "We're Coming Together"
2017-08-07 Keenan Allen: We Are Practicing Against the Best Players Everyday
2017-08-07 Hunter Henry: "I'm Excited to Be Here in LA"
2017-08-07 Top Plays: Kellen Clemens to Tyrell Williams
2017-08-07 Top Plays: Cardale Jones to Sean McGrath
2017-08-07 Top Plays: Jahleel Addae intercepts Kellen Clemens
2017-08-07 Day 8 Camp Highlights
2017-08-07 LaDainian Tomlinson Brings the House Down with Hall of Fame Speech
2017-08-08 Coach Lynn Day 9 Press Conference
2017-08-08 Joe Barksdale: "We Have Talent, Leadership, and Chemistry"
2017-08-08 Antonio Gates: "Hall of Fame was an unbelievable experience"
2017-08-08 Casey Hayward: "Getting Verrett Back Gives Us a Boost"
2017-08-08 Top Plays: Verrett Punches Down Pass
2017-08-08 Top Plays: Rivers to Henry for TD
2017-08-08 Top Plays: Da'Ron Brown Makes Acrobatic Catch
2017-08-08 Top Plays: Adrian McDonald Picks off Mike Bercovici
2017-08-08 Camp Spotlight: Antonio Gates Highlights
2017-08-09 Maurice Jones-Drew Talks Chargers RBs
2017-08-09 Coach Lynn Day 10 Press Conference
2017-08-09 Melvin Gordon: "We're Building a Rivalry With the Rams"
2017-08-09 Camp Spotlight: Melvin Ingram Highlights
2017-08-09 Top Plays: Artavis Scott in Traffic
2017-08-09 Top Plays: Antonio Gates Hauls It In
2017-08-09 Top Plays: Desmond King Says No
2017-08-09 Watch: Day 10 Camp Highlights
2017-08-10 Alex Flanagan: Excited About the StubHub Environment
2017-08-11 Ken Whisenhunt: StubHub Center Will Be a Great Place to Play
2017-08-11 Gus Bradley: "This Defense Is Coming Along"
2017-08-11 Coach Lynn Day 11 Press Conference
2017-08-11 Top Plays: Jones Goes Deep to Brown
2017-08-11 Camp Spotlight: Casey Hayward Highlights
2017-08-11 What You Need To Know: Chargers vs Seahawks
2017-08-11 Casey Hayward Mic'd Up
2017-08-12 Are You Ready? Chargers vs Seahawks
2017-08-13 Fight For LA
2017-08-13 Desmond King Catches His First NFL Interception
2017-08-13 Highlight: Desmond King Punches Ball Out
2017-08-13 Dean Spanos: "The Fans Are Fired Up"
2017-08-13 Watch: Seattle Seahawks vs. Los Angeles Chargers Highlights
2017-08-13 Anthony Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-08-13 Keenan Allen: 'Felt Great' at StubHub Center
2017-08-13 Matt Slauson: "You Could Feel the Energy"
2017-08-13 Hunter Henry: "It Was Fun To Be Back"
2017-08-13 Antonio Gates Postgame Press Conference
2017-08-13 Desmond King Reacts to First Career Interception
2017-08-13 Chargers - Seahawks: What Did We Learn?
2017-08-14 Desmond King Highlights
2017-08-14 Cardale Jones Fires Down the Middle
2017-08-14 Travis Benjamin Catches Long TD
2017-08-14 Antonio Gates Catches TD
2017-08-14 LaDainian Tomlinson's Day at StubHub Center
2017-08-14 Inside the Charger Girls Calendar Shoot
2017-08-15 StubHub Center: An Experience Like No Other
2017-08-15 Coach Lynn Day 12 Press Conference
2017-08-15 Whisenhunt: "We Can't Turn the Ball Over"
2017-08-15 Preseason Week 1 Superlatives: Philip Rivers & Antonio Gates
2017-08-15 Highlights from Day 12
2017-08-15 Charger Fans Get Inked
2017-08-16 Top Play: Davis with the One-Handed Grab
2017-08-16 Coach Lynn Day 13 Press Conference
2017-08-16 Gus Bradley: "Very, Very Good Practice Today"
2017-08-16 Top Plays: Verrett Punches It Away
2017-08-16 Top Plays - Boston Comes from Behind
2017-08-16 Camp Spotlight: Brandon Mebane Highlights
2017-08-16 Mic'd Up: Tre Boston vs. Seahawks
2017-08-17 Top Plays: Artavis Scott Makes Circus Catch
2017-08-17 Top Plays: Artavis Scott Touchdown
2017-08-17 Keenan Allen: "I Feel Well-Rested"
2017-08-17 Philip Rivers: "It Was Good to Work Against Saints Defense"
2017-08-17 Top Plays: Desmond King Intercepts Drew Brees
2017-08-17 Coach Lynn Day 14 Press Conference
2017-08-17 Chargers vs. Saints: Quarterback Challenge
2017-08-18 Chargers Live from Joint Practice with Saints
2017-08-18 Coach Lynn Day 15 Press Conference
2017-08-18 Jatavis Brown: "We're Coming Together as One"
2017-08-18 Dan Feeney: Playing Center Helps Me as a Player
2017-08-18 Top Plays: Inman Goes up for the Grab
2017-08-18 Top Plays: Ekeler Goal Line Reach
2017-08-18 QB Challenge Day 2: Chargers vs. Saints
2017-08-19 Game Preview: Chargers vs. Saints
2017-08-19 Albert Breer Talks Chargers Fresh Start
2017-08-19 Are You Ready? Chargers vs. Saints
2017-08-19 The Epic Finale of the QB Challenge
2017-08-20 Chargers LIVE: LT Talks Chargers vs. Saints
2017-08-20 Hunter Henry with 14-yard Reception
2017-08-20 Tre Boston surges off edge for big sack on third down
2017-08-20 Kellen Clemens connects with Geremy Davis for 20 yards
2017-08-20 Desmond King Overpowers Blocker for Sack
2017-08-20 Dexter McCoil Returns 99-yard Interception for Touchdown
2017-08-20 Trey Edmunds Levitated by Chargers' Defense
2017-08-20 Melvin Gordon: "We Hurt Ourselves Today"
2017-08-20 Dexter McCoil Reacts to His 99-Yard Touchdown
2017-08-20 Anthony Lynn: “We Want To Be More Explosive”
2017-08-20 Kenny Wiggins: Rams Game Is Important
2017-08-20 Korey Toomer: “Getting Turnovers Is Big”
2017-08-20 Desmond King: "Our Secondary Is Ball Hawks"
2017-08-20 Chargers vs. Saints Instant Analysis
2017-08-22 Coach Lynn Day 16 Press Conference
2017-08-22 Gus Bradley: "Overall, We Played Better"
2017-08-22 Ken Whisenhunt: "Some Young Guys Have Stood Out"
2017-08-22 Top Plays: Randall Evans Breaks Up Catch
2017-08-22 Camp Spotlight: Hunter Henry Highlights
2017-08-22 What Stood Out At Training Camp?
2017-08-23 Thank You Fans!
2017-08-23 Coach Lynn Day 17 Press Conference
2017-08-23 Philip Rivers: "I Like Where We're Headed"
2017-08-23 Joey Bosa: "This Camp Has Been Great"
2017-08-23 Top Plays of Training Camp: Offense
2017-08-23 Top Plays of Training Camp: Defense
2017-08-24 3 Training Camp Takeaways with Nick Hardwick
2017-08-24 Coach Lynn: "It's Good to Be Home"
2017-08-24 Highlights from First Practice at Hoag Performance Center
2017-08-24 Players React to Hoag Performance Center
2017-08-25 2017 AFC West Preview
2017-08-25 Training Camp Wrap Up with Keenan Allen
2017-08-25 Offensive Expectations with Hunter Henry
2017-08-25 Rex Ryan's Expectations for the Chargers This Season
2017-08-25 Beth Mowins: Looking Ahead to Week 1
2017-08-25 Chargers vs. Rams: Are You Ready?
2017-08-26 Philip Rivers fires to Travis Benjamin for a 45-yard touchdown
2017-08-26 Melvin Ingram recovers fumble and takes it to the house
2017-08-26 Rivers to Allen for a 17-yard gain
2017-08-26 Jason Verrett intercepts Goff's pass
2017-08-26 Melvin Gordon scores 2-yard touchdown
2017-08-26 Philip Rivers: "I Feel Ready To Go"
2017-08-26 Jason Verrett: "We Did a Better Job Finishing This Week"
2017-08-26 Jahleel Addae: "We Played Fast And Physical"
2017-08-26 Chargers vs. Rams Instant Analysis
2017-08-28 Coach Lynn: My Thoughts and Prayers Are With the People of Texas
2017-08-28 Mic'd Up: Damion Square vs. Rams
2017-08-28 Tre Boston: "We Came to Play" vs. Rams
2017-08-28 Antonio Gates: "Our Philosophy Is Competing Everyday"
2017-08-28 Highlights from Monday's Prep for 49ers
2017-08-28 Spanish Call of the Game: Travis Benjamin Goes Deep for TD
2017-08-28 Corey Liuget 1-On-1: "I Want to Showcase My Quickness"
2017-08-28 Desmond King 1-On-1: "I'm Learning from the Veterans"
2017-08-29 Chargers Sketchbook: Denzel Perryman
2017-08-29 Coach Lynn: "I'm Looking for the Backups to Be Sharp" vs. 49ers
2017-08-29 Bolts Prep for Niners Practice Highlight
2017-08-29 Chargers Surprise Neighbors with Swag
2017-08-30 Chargers' Top Plays of the 2017 Preseason
2017-08-30 Random Acts of Kickoff: Free Chargers Tattoos
2017-08-30 Rookies Get Advice from Veterans On Last Preseason Game
2017-08-30 Are You Ready? Chargers vs. 49ers
2017-08-30 LaDainian Tomlinson's Running Backs to Watch
2017-08-31 Austin Ekeler Makes an 18-Yard Run
2017-08-31 Desmond King Lays the Boom on C.J. Beathard for a Sack
2017-08-31 Jamaal Jones Hauls in a 23-Yard Pass From Cardale Jones
2017-08-31 Joe Williams' Fumble Is Recovered by Kyle Coleman
2017-08-31 Austin Ekeler Takes a Short Pass for 32 Yards
2017-08-31 Kyle Coleman Returns an Interception for a 30-Yard Touchdown
2017-08-31 Matt Weiser catches a 21-yard pass from Cardale Jones
2017-08-31 Coach Lynn Postgame Press Conference
2017-08-31 Austin Ekeler: "I'm Starting to Play a Lot Faster"
2017-08-31 Cardale Jones: "We Need to Narrow in on Basic Fundamentals"
2017-08-31 Chargers - 49ers: What Did We Learn?
2017-08-31 Chargers vs. 49ers Highlights