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Top 10 Quotes From Day 18 of Training Camp


Hear what the Bolts had to say after Day 18 of training camp:

1. Head coach Brandon Staley on what stood out on defense Sunday vs. 49ers

"Defensively, I really liked the way that our guys competed against that group. Playing their two starting two quarterbacks for as long as they did, we went nose-to-nose with them. Most of their starting offense was out there. I really liked the way that we competed in the game. We put a roof over them in the deep part of the field. I felt like we set edges in the run game. Like I said, you take away that miscommunication in two-minute, and I really felt like it was a premium first half for us. To close out the game, I really like the way our guys finished. They gave us a chance, defensively, in that four-minute situation."

2. Staley on the pace of Tuesday's practice

"Last week was a heavy work week for most of the team. We wanted to engineer this practice for our first group. They took the predominant amount of the team reps and the seven-on-seven reps. We wanted to get our second and third group back, physically — so, gave them an extra day off today. That's why you saw a little bit down plays today. All of the plays were kind of specified for that first group. I was glad to see a lot of those guys who had the game off get out there and compete. That was good. Just getting back into a flow so that we can have two more good practices this week."

3. Linebacker Kenneth Murray on playing last Sunday against the 49ers

"It felt good. After talking to the coaches, the main thing that I needed to do was get some live work. It just felt good to play football again. Going through this offseason, it was the longest I've ever been without playing football. Coming out of college, where you are in the season, and then a couple of months later you get to play spring ball. You are going through all of that, so it was the longest experience in my career where I haven't been playing football. Getting back out there and getting into the routine of things, it felt really good."

4. Murray on the potential of the defense

"Best in the league, period. That is the standard that we are setting for ourselves. Every time we go out there, we are communicating with each other. We're trying to be the best in the league, we're wanting to be the best in the league. It starts with that mindset, it starts with us setting that standard for ourselves, then going out and executing that. We understand that we have talent within the group and we understand that things may happen, guys might get injured. But, at the end of the day, our standards are not going to waver. We expect to be the best in the league."

5. Wide receiver Joshua Palmer on working with quarterback Justin Herbert

"Justin and I are alike in that we always think we need to do better. I said a while ago that we both take the blame for things. It helps when we both try to figure out what we need to fix to help a play be successful. These extra reps help us. He'll tell me he needs to work on dig routes I'll tell him I need to work on my over-the-shoulder, so he'll throw to me over the shoulder. There's mutual respect and understanding that we both want to get better. We have a lot of receivers, like Keenan Allen and others, who are working extra. We take a lot of pride in working extra."

6. Palmer on his touchdown last Sunday

"It felt great. I was in the right place at the right time. They were teaching the scramble drill before that game and all through camp. That was one thing that I was able to go out there and execute."

7. Staley on DB Mark Webb Jr.'s performance against SF

"He looks like he belongs out there. He's playing three different spots for us, and he's playing in the kicking game. He had some really good personal protector reps on the punt team. I think that he's growing in his kicking game role. Then, at safety, he's proven that he can play in the deep part of the field. He's a good tackler. He can play inside, whether it's at star or dime money. I feel like he's growing as a player. There's a lot to improve; he had the miscommunication in the two-minute, which he is responsible for. But he's a guy that's a shown that he can be a quality player for us, and we expect him to. He's had a good camp. I felt like that was a good measuring stick for him against a good team."

8. Staley on the depth at linebacker

"I feel like we have three starters. I think that Kyzir [White] has had a fantastic camp and I think that Drue [Tranquill] has had a fantastic camp. We're lucky to have all three of them. I think that Kyzir has really produced about as well as anybody on our defense during camp. I feel like he has really had a terrific camp. I can say the same for Drue. Drue's been extremely productive when he's been out there. Unfortunately, you can only play two at a time, most of the time. Sometimes, we only play one, if we're in a one linebacker grouping. I know that we're really excited to have all three of them. What I thought was great about the game was that both Kyzir and Drue got to play with Kenneth. That was important to us because we wanted both of them to get that feel of what it's like to play with K9. I felt like that was a big positive coming out of the game."

9. Murray on Derwin James Jr.'s leadership

"DJ is a guy that just loves ball. I feel like I can relate to him so well because we just have that same love, just love playing football. You could put me on the other side of the world, in like Antarctica, and give me a football and I'll be fine. He has that same attitude. He loves the game, he wants to be the best. He's competing to be the best. When you have guys like that on the team, it makes it easier for everyone else around you. I enjoy competing with him and I enjoy being out there with him. Looking forward to dominating this season with him."

10. Palmer on learning from Keenan Allen

"Keenan is a special player. From a skill standpoint, not many people can do what he does. He teaches me a lot about leverages, coming off the ball, attacking. Overall, using my ability to my strength. He taught me to be confident, learn the playbook and what to look at versus what not to look at."

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