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Top Quotes | Joey Bosa, Keenan Allen & Joe Lombardi Recap Day 2 of Camp 


Take a look at top quotes from Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi, wide receiver Keenan Allen and outside linebacker Joey Bosa's press conferences after Thursday's practice.

Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi

On 'if anything has stood out' about the offense over the first two practices:

"It's still so early. We're just kind of installing the plays and running. We haven't even hit any third downs yet. I think the guys are locked in. Today, I think we had a few alignment errors that we need to get cleaned up, but the guys are in shape and locked in and ready to go. Still early, no pads, but we're looking forward to keep looking at them and evaluating.

On what will 'decide' the right tackle competition:

"Consistency, guys that you can count on play in and play out. I think [T] Storm [Norton] is just going to get better. I think when [T] Trey [Pipkins III], kind of like, Josh [Palmer], when Trey went in and played last year, it built some confidence, I think, in him and us having confidence in him. That's going to be a very important one. Right now, again, we're out here in just helmets. We're not getting as much information as we'll start getting in a few days when we put the pads on, and then the preseason games will be real important, but I think we're going to end up being a lot better there, regardless of who wins that position, and I think that we're going to feel real good about the depth, as well."

On competition for the second running back role:

"They're not really getting hit and breaking tackles, so it's too early, really, to know anything yet. But as these pads go on, I think the preseason games will be really important, because even when we put the pads on, they're not getting tackled to the ground. I expect to see growth from [RB] Larry [Rountree III] mentally, just being more reliable from that perspective. I'll be excited to see [RB] Isaiah [Spiller] get going. Obviously, we felt good about him as a prospect. So, see how he transitions. Then, [RB] Josh [Kelley], we know a little bit more about. It's another guy that we feel good about. That'll be very important to see who rises and kind of wins that two spot.

On facing a pass rush with Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa in practice:

"You definitely have to have protection at the forefront of your mind — understand your matchups, understand who needs help, where you turn in the center, who's going to get a chip, all of those things. It probably takes up more of our time than your average fan would think. The protection plan is as important as anything we do every week because keeping the quarterback upright and healthy and confident is our number one priority. It's going to be a challenge. Luckily, these guys were pros so we won't get hit in practice. I think it'll be great for the development of our tackles and our tight ends to have to block those guys because it's going to be an all-day affair when you come out here versus those guys. I think it'll help us get ready for you the monsters we're going to have to block come season. I hate that we have to face those guys during the season, but I'm glad that we're getting good training here in camp getting ready for them."

Wide Receiver Keenan Allen

On going up against the new secondary additions:

"It's been great. First two days in the books. It's been tough already. The defense is already looking like a 360 team. They kicked our [butt] today, which is a good thing. Hopefully we can keep building on it."

On his 'mindset change' entering Year 10 compared to his rookie season:

"Just understanding the game, understanding that I don't have to do too much, just try to get in shape. I don't have to do too much, just try not to get injured, try to last. They added another game, so, hopefully, if we play this game the right way, we'll be in the playoffs. Definitely trying to be ready for that."

On the energy on the field with the fans and new additions on defense:

"It's been great. The fans have been loud, doing a hell of a job keeping the energy up. The new defense they kicked our a** today, so it's going to be tough to get things moving, just because they have so many pieces. They're competing so much over there on defense. It's tough. We'll find a way."

Outside Linebacker Joey Bosa

On Day 2 of Training Camp:

"It was good. We were competing. I think we're all just getting our legs under us, it's the second day, obviously. A little sore from Day One, but it's like coach just said, it's going to go back and forth every day. We compete, but it's all about respect and getting better on both sides. We shake it up, and it's always great competing against some of the best guys on offense in football. It's just going to make us both better."

On the new pieces on defense:

"It's been great, just a lot of great personalities. It feels like we've been for together longer than we have. Me and Khalil, I feel like we're definitely going to have a close bond by the end of this year. We're kind of together all practice talking football the whole time. We have complimentary styles, I think. We rush quite differently, so we can both learn a lot from each other. Obviously all the guys inside, it's a big addition to add."

On what must happen to bring the defensive group together before the start of the season:

"I don't know. I think we need to just keep on this track. I think we're doing great. The guys are really smart that we've brought in. They're picking up the scheme quick. [Run Game Coordinator/Defensive Line Coach] Jay [Rodgers] and [Outside Linebackers Coach] Giff [Smith] are doing a really good job coaching them. I think we've had a good start. It all started at OTA's. Like I said, I feel like we're already a tighter group. It feels like we've been together longer than we actually have. I think if we stay on this track, we'll be looking good come Week 1."

On how the veterans added to the defense impact younger players:

"I think that's a major part of why it's not going to be a huge acclimation period for everybody. When you bring in guys with experience like that, you know how it is, they come in and learn quick, Khalil [Mack] and [OLB] Kyle [Van Noy], Kyle is with the middle linebackers right now, but he's back and forth with the edge [guys]. Having guys like Khalil and Kyle, both vets, I felt like I was the vet last year, which is weird. I had [former Chargers OLB] Kyler [Fackrell] with me, but it's nice to have some older guys to lean on. I think that's a big factor on why we're feeling close and why they're picking it up really quickly is because they are veterans that have played on a Super Bowl teams. They know what it takes to win. There are great additions all around.

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