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Top 10 Quotes From the Preseason Victory Over the Rams


Hear what the Bolts had to say after the 13-6 victory over the Rams in the first preseason game of 2021.

1. Brandon Staley on his takeaways from the first offensive drive:

"I really liked our operation. I liked getting in and out of the huddle. I liked getting in and out of personnel groupings. I thought we executed well. I thought [offensive coordinator] Joe [Lombardi] had a lot of pace in his calls which allowed our guys to get up to the line of scrimmage and operate, identify the defense and then go play the play. But I felt like just our offensive line in the first drive, we were coming off the football. I felt our backs and receivers were running hard and I felt like [quarterback] Chase [Daniel] was making good decisions. It's a big winning edge when you can possess the ball like that in the game, but the thing about it is, we've gotta finish it with a touchdown … A lot of that's positive, but we have to score touchdowns in order to beat the best people we face."

2. Darius Bradwell on scoring his touchdown & the fans at SoFi Stadium:

"It felt great. It's something I've been praying for. Especially with last year, just being on the practice squad … It was just a blessing to be in this stadium with fans. Last year it was just so dead and quiet and it was just us. Just to have the ability to display my talents tonight and do what I love to do and help my team score, it was just a blessing."

3. Easton Stick on feeling comfortable in Joe Lombardi's offense:

"Every day you get a little bit more comfortable. Today was a big step I think. You know, doing it against somebody else, you're out there on your own, you're running the show. Day by day, you're getting more comfortable. They've done a really good job, the plan they had this offseason, during OTAs finding a way to get everybody reps, they weren't full speed but mentally you were going through it. And just the way we're practicing. They've got us prepared, so we're feeling good about it."

4. Rashawn Slater on his performance:

"It went well. Being able to come out here and be in front of everybody — I know that we're not the home team, but I feel like being here in the stadium and being around the guys for the first time in a game setting, was amazing."

5. Joshua Palmer on the rhythm of the first offensive drive:

"I felt that we were connected on all cylinders. You know, just one play at a time, just going down the field doing what we have to do. The fourth down conversion we had, just keep moving the chains is what we try to preach in practice as well."

6. Staley on RBs Joshua Kelley, Darius Bradwell, and Larry Rountree III:

"I felt like we were able to get those guys a lot of looks in the run game which was important to us. You saw the value of the two bigger backs later in the game. I thought that Darius had an incredible hit on special teams as well which I was fired up about; equally as exciting as their offensive contribution is where they are on special teams as well. We're excited about all three of those guys and those guys are really competing hard for us for positions. To see us be able to run the ball [with] physicality at the end was exciting for us, and I thought that Larry and Darius did a nice job closing the game out."

7. Stick on competing with Chase Daniel:

"I love competing with Chase. It's been great. He's been such a blessing - I think - to our quarterback room. Obviously, being in the system for five or six years, his relationship with Joe [Lombardi], his relationship with coach [Brandon] Staley, has really been helpful to myself especially, but I think Justin would tell you the same thing. He's been a really great mentor for us. He was great tonight on the sideline helping me out so I really appreciate Chase and what he brings to our room."

8. Staley on the defensive depth of this team:

"I really liked the fourth quarter. I think it was important to us to see everyone on the field today. I felt like in the fourth quarter, we got to see those guys who are competing so hard that have been practicing really well for us. I felt like that was what was exciting about the fourth quarter, seeing those guys really play their tails off and really play to our standard, on both sides of the ball. But defensively, I was very proud of the way we played tight, down in there, getting the takeaway. That was a big highlight for us."

9. Bradwell on his growth from 2020 to now:

"I've grown a lot. Especially, coming in last year wasn't the best look being 253 [pounds.] Seeing that number really motivated me because I knew then that I could have got cut. That was my motivation and I've grown so much as far as dieting and knowing what to eat, what not to eat, how to train, and how to rest. But, what ya'll saw tonight, that's always been me. I've always had the ability and I think that's why they kept me last year, 'cause I've always had the ability to be a playmaker and be a good teammate."

10. Palmer on his relationship with the quarterbacks:

"I feel like I've developed a good relationship with them. After every practice I'm talking to them, after every series I'm talking to them. I'm always going back to Justin [Herbert] telling him, if a play went wrong, I always tell him, 'My bad,' but he's tells me, 'Nah, my bad. I should've [done] this' or 'I should've done that.' We have a great connection to where we all feel like we could've done something to make the play better. No one's attacking each other. That's what I love about this team is that everyone's always trying to take the blame for something so it makes it easier to fix and correct."

Browse through live action photos of the Bolts Preseason Week 1 matchup against the Rams at SoFi Stadium.

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