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NFL Draft: Cornerback Rankings, Day Two Tight Ends and More


The Draft Network's Jordan Reid was Thursday's guest on "Chargers Weekly" to share his cornerback rankings and whom he currently has going to the Chargers at No. 13 overall.

Reid also gave his thoughts on this year's offensive line draft class and discussed a current Chargers player he thinks will benefit from head coach Brandon Staley's defense.

Watch or listen to the interview wherever you get your podcasts. Highlights are below.

On Northwestern CB Greg Newsome II (6:03 mark)

"I think he's my 24th overall prospect if I'm not mistaken. So, I'm a big fan of him. I really noticed him this past season. I think his best game of the year was against Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship Game and he only played in the first half, but Justin Fields did not look his way at all. So, he had a lot of respect for him and he actually gave up the least amount of yards of any cornerback that had 20-plus targets this year. So, there was a lot of teams that had a lot of respect for him – the quickness, the awareness and just the savvy that he plays at the position. That's something that stands out the most about Greg Newsome II."

Day Two Tight End Prospects (11:04 mark)

"Tommy Tremble from Notre Dame – he's one that's probably going to go, I would say late second, early third round. Dynamic as a pass catcher, but he's vicious as a blocker as well. I think that's the area where he's going to contribute the most early on. He's got to be eased into the passing game a little bit just because he doesn't have a whole lot of experience at Notre Dame, but you see the flashes in bunches.

"But on the opposite end of the spectrum, Brevin Jordan is another guy from Miami that I'm very excited about. He puts you in the mindset of Jonnu Smith, which we just saw get paid very handsomely from the New England Patriots. I think he's a very similar player that's cut from a similar cloth. That's him from a receiving standpoint. Now, he's not going to give you as much as a blocker, but if you're looking for somebody to revolutionize the passing game and be an immediate contributor, I think Brevin Jordan can be that."

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