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Matt "Money" Smith Reveals Favorite Skill Position Players in 2020 NFL Draft


The voice of the Chargers Matt "Money" Smith was a guest on the latest episode of "Chargers Weekly," the official podcast of the team.

Listen to the full interview to hear Money's thoughts on the 2020 NFL Draft and what the Bolts have done so far in free agency. Highlights from the conversation are below.

On the No. 6 pick in the draft:

"I think Tom Telesco has always showed us that he's a 'best player available' GM. He's just always done that. Whatever the number one guy is on his board, it seems like that's the player that they take. Quarterback can change that dramatically, so I don't think they would reach at six if, let's say, three quarterbacks are gone by the time they pick. I don't know if they reach for that fourth one at number six. Maybe that's a situation where you see them draft an Isaiah Simmons (from Clemson), who would be just something to behold on the same field as Derwin James and (Joey) Bosa and (Melvin) Ingram. Or, a dominant left tackle like (Louisville's Mekhi) Becton or  (Alabama's Jedrick) Wills or (Georgia's Andrew) Thomas – whichever one they may have atop their draft board.

"I think what the free agent moves do, it puts them in a position where they don't feel like, 'Oh, we've got to fill a hole, and this is the best player in this particular group of players that we have a need for."

On Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa:

"For me, I'm a college football fan. I watch college football on Saturdays. I used to call college football for five, six years, grew up watching it. I love Tua. I mean, I freaking love that guy and love watching him play football; love the suddenness, the burst, just the electricity he possesses at that position is something you don't see often. … In this draft, to me, a lot of people say (Ohio State defensive end) Chase Young's the best player in the draft, and I understand why people are excited about (LSU quarterback) Joe Burrow. But man, I just love the way Tua plays football and were it not for those injuries, I have no question he'd be the number one overall pick.

Favorite wide receivers who may be available on day two of the draft:

"There is depth at the wide receiver position. You could see (USC's) Michael Pittman (Jr.) being there in the second round, although I think that's someone that's probably not necessarily the type of receiver they'd be looking for. They'd probably be looking for someone with more speed, a (Jalen) Reagor I know who had a bad combine. It probably caused him to slip a little bit, but man if you watched any TCU football that dude is unbelievable. (Denzel) Mims from Baylor – that group is exciting. There's going to be value there. I mean, you can find a Laviska Shenault (from Colorado) may be available in the high third where they're picking just because there's so much talent.

"And you know our colleague Daniel Jeremiah says it best: It's a basketball team when it comes to your receiver group, and you need the center that can post up. You need the small forward; the swing who can kind of do a little bit of everything. And you need that point guard that can be shifty and get himself open with the ball in hands. You just think of all those different things, and the Chargers could use some speed and someone to take the top off of a defense."

Favorite running backs outside of the first round:

"Darrynton Evans out of (Appalachian) State. I love – just selfishly because I'm a Pac-12 guy – (Utah's) Zack Moss and (UCLA's) Josh Kelley. I think you're talking about two guys, two hammers that you can get in the later rounds. That's awfully exciting as well."

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