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Why Joey Bosa Has 'Strong Case' for NFL's Best Defensive End 


Trench Warfare's Brandon Thorn joined last Thursday's episode of “Chargers Weekly” to discuss offensive line prospects ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Among the topics with Thorn, who specializes in both offensive and defensive line: his top five offensive linemen in the draft, options outside of the first round, and his thoughts on defensive end Joey Bosa.

Watch the full interview below. Here are some highlights.

Overall Depth of the Offensive Line Class (1:58)

"I've watched and written up about 30 guys so far. I think it's a really good class. I think it's deep, not too top heavy at really any spot, a little bit deeper at tackle than interior. But there's a bunch of these tackles that could play inside, so depending on how you view them the interior might be a little bit deeper. I have some of those guys sticking at tackle, some of those guys at guard. So, you could kind of go either way on some of them.

"But, yeah, overall I think it's a really good class and for the last few years I've thought that interior defensive line especially and then just defensive line overall has been the most talented position in football. And this year it seems like that side of the ball, the class isn't as deep or as good as the offensive line, which I think is much needed for the NFL to kind of even the balance there a little bit."

Bosa's Argument for Top DE in the League (15:20)

"Joey Bosa, to me, has a very strong case for being the best edge rusher, edge player in the NFL. I think he's the most technically sound guy that we have in the league right now in terms of using his hands. He's just so refined at that. He's able to string stuff together so well and he just has a variety of counters and ways to win. So, in terms of like pass-rush arsenal, I think his is the deepest in the league. So, he's just – he's incredible, man. He's one of my favorite guys to watch for that reason and he has power as well. He can win going outside, down the middle or inside on a guy. So, any time you can win three ways you're going to be a dominant rusher and plus, he's good against the run like you said."

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