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Where Would Justin Herbert Go in a 2020 Re-Draft?


Luke Easterling of USA Today's Draft Wire was a guest on the latest episode of "Chargers Weekly" to discuss the 2021 NFL Draft, as well as Los Angeles' two first-round picks in 2020.

Among the topics: options for the Chargers at No. 13 overall (16:18), depth at offensive line in this draft class (20:57), and why fans should expect the unexpected during an NFL offseason (23:00). Other highlights are below.

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Where Justin Herbert Would Go in a 2020 Re-Draft? (11:27 mark)

"I was thinking about how a re-draft would look and I think it would be a really hard decision for Cincinnati at number one, and I think a very easy decision for Washington at number two because whoever Cincinnati takes in that redraft whether it's Joe Burrow or Justin Herbert, I think the other one goes to Washington and that's, obviously Chase Young was Defensive Rookie of the Year, incredible pass rusher even at a premium position, an elite player already in this league. But the quarterback position – you know it, man –  it's just too important."

Take a look back at the best photos of Kenneth Murray Jr.'s 107-tackle rookie season.

His Evaluation of LB Kenneth Murray Before the 2020 Draft (12:19)

"I had Kenneth Murray as a top 20 pick in that draft. So, I loved the fact that the Chargers were bold and went up and got him because I loved his…I mean, he had it all, man – the athleticism, the physicality. He can run. He can hit. But really, just speaking to some of his teammates and understanding the type of leader he was, the type of person, the type of young man that you were getting in that locker room, there's a reason the Chargers, I think, made that type of move up the ladder to get a guy like that. And that's because when you identify a special player – especially at that position – you got to have that guy that you can build around in the heart of your defense. And he's going to be there for a long time. He is absolutely that type of player and that's kind of what I expected from him."

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