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What Father's Day Means to Chargers Dads

Join us in celebrating our Bolt dads and get to know the newest Charger babies.

Football is family.

For many players on the Chargers, this specifically rang true over the last few months, as a bevy of Bolts babies were born from the start of the 2018 season to as recently as a couple weeks ago. Some of these players became first-time dads, while others welcomed new additions to their growing families.

With a grueling schedule and tough hours, these dads have had to figure out how to balance fatherhood and football. However, all agree, being a father is the greatest gift they could ever receive.

So, what does it mean to be a father in the NFL, and how has that experience changed these players?

Find out more below.

Derek Watt – Father to Logan


"I love my son more than anything, and the day he was born, (my wife) Gabriella and I were extremely grateful and just happy. We were glad everything went well and he's super healthy, and it's just a new adventure with him. To see how he's growing, I wouldn't trade it for the world. He stares at me a lot. I have to know that he's watching me and everything I'm doing. So (I have to) set that role model that I'm always being watched. We'll be watching TV, and Gabriella will tell me he's staring at me. I'll look and he's looking right at me! Things like that (have changed my life), that he's always watching and you have to set a good example."

Travis Benjamin – Father to Promise and Semai


"Being a dad means responsibility and love. I have two girls, so I have to give the most love I can so when they grow up, they (know) no one loves them like their father. It gives a new perspective on life each and every day. Your days are hard, running around and lifting weights. You get tired sometimes, but when you get home, they give you that boost of energy to make sure that you stay up with them and give them that quality time."

Keenan Allen – Father to Kamari, Kaliyah and Kado


"It's amazing. Just to get that unconditional love at all times. Even when you get mad and they get mad, five minutes later they're showing you love again. Just having that and having your offspring around all the time is great. The personality (of my son) is just totally different (from my daughters)."

Artavis Scott – Father to Kaylyn


"It means the world. It makes you put life into perspective. A lot of things you'll do, just because that's what you want to do. But now, you have to think before you make decisions. It's not just about you. Having a daughter, was the biggest blessing. Now, everything I do from here on out, she's going to be watching, good or bad."

Jaylen Watkins – Father to Akello


"The type of player I am, I like to be around here, take care of my body and watch film. Now, (when the day gets later) I watch the clock because I can go home and see my son. That's something that's different for me. It was my wife and me, and now I have a little son who as soon as I walk in the house, he lights up. Obviously, you're responsible for another person in life. It's a lesson, but it also gives you a little anxiety. Now, I'm a better driver! I'm more careful, naturally."

Denzel Perryman – Father to Ella, Evee and Styles


"Being a dad means love, care and respect. I want my daughters to have respect for themselves and take care of themselves. I have to protect my little girls, and now, they have a little brother and they have to protect him. I try not to show Styles too much attention because I don't want them to get mad! But at the same time, when I'm holding him, they want to hold him, feed him and when he starts crying, they're the first ones to run over to him and check on them. If I'm having a bad day here, and I get home and I hear footsteps running to the door and I hear, 'Daddy! Daddy!' That makes me forget about everything that happened and I go back to daddy-mode."

Rayshawn Jenkins – Father to Ace and Blaize


"Being a dad means loving and leadership. I have a boy and a girl, but with my girl being born, the best role model they can probably have is their father. That goes a long way. Also for my boy, too. He needs a man to look up to. You have to sacrifice some of your quality time, but it helps having a good partner, too. They help a lot with that."

Virgil Green – Father to Virgil III and Gianna


"Being a father exalts the appreciation of life! I learn more about life as my kids do!"

Drue Tranquill – Father to Elijah


"It's been amazing to welcome life into the world, and it's been the most amazing experience. It's been the biggest dream of my life to be a husband and a father, so to have that has been pretty incredible. It does (give me a new perspective on life). Before you get married, you really live for yourself. Then you're living for you and your wife, then your child comes and you're living for them."

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