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What are the Titans Saying About the Bolts?


Notable comments from the Tennessee Titans in the lead up to the Week 7 contest against the Los Angeles Chargers.

On Melvin Gordon…

"Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. That's the main challenge. Philip Rivers is Philip Rivers. He is a top, elite quarterback in this league, but everything goes through Gordon. Whenever the receivers are not open, the check down to Gordon is always there and he's always getting positive yards. The running game is wide open when guys want to rush the passer and they do a lot of things of that nature to get Gordon free." – OLB Brian Orakpo

"They're doing a great job of blocking for him this year, making holes. He's hitting it. He's making guys miss. He's doing incredible things as a running back. It's going to be key for us to make sure we get him down and (we've) got to make sure we gang tackle him because he's making the first man miss all the time." – DT Jurrell Casey

"(You) know that he's going to get the ball every time he's on the field, that's the key. Definitely in the red zone, he's one of their high targets. … He's a guy that's good on the edge, trying to beat you with his speed…" – LB Wesley Woodyard

On Philip Rivers…

"He's kind of almost looking like Peyton Manning out there a little bit when you talk about pretty much calling his own plays, checking for the defense, seeing the coverage you're in, getting the offense in the right play call. He's a veteran. 15-year guy, you kind of expect that from a guy like him." – S Kevin Byard

"Rivers is always fun to play. He's not one to shy away from trash talking or talking to the big defenders up front. It's always fun to play Philip. A great competitor, great quarterback, wins a lot of games, has a long, lengthy career, so I'm excited. This is a great challenge for us." – OLB Brian Orakpo

"He's always gotten the ball out quick. I know everybody talks about his motion, but it really doesn't matter about his motion. His delivery, he's accurate. The thing of it is he gets the ball out quick and to me, always has." – Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees

"He's a Hall of Famer, probably. Future Hall of Famer so he's up there with the greats. (He's) pretty accurate obviously, (he's) been doing it a long time. I just think the command that he takes the line of scrimmage and the offense and the game, it's kind of Peyton Manning-esque." – CB Logan Ryan

On Chargers' running backs…

"They have probably close to 50 or 45 explosive plays running and throwing the ball between them. That's something that's not easy. They probably have 35 of the 62 explosive plays and a lot of those are in the run game, some are in the pass game. You've seen Ekeler get downfield, catch a ball 20, 30 yards from the line of scrimmage. Seeing Gordon catch it near the line of scrimmage and turn it into 20 yards. Two explosive guys, both guys are comfortable with the ball in their hand. They do a good job of catching it and Philip certainly looks for them." – Head Coach Mike Vrabel

On Chargers' defense…

"Melvin Ingram and (Damion) Square and (Darius) Philon, the whole crew, has done a good job of picking up the slack and that's what happens in pro football. But Melvin, (we) certainly (have) got to know where he's at. Square rushes hard. It still looks disruptive. (Brandon) Mebane's a great first, second down player. (Isaac) Rochell's been a guy that's got some good length that plays different places for them. He rushes the passer with his length and uses his hands well for a young player." – Head Coach Mike Vrabel

"They've got some good players. They've got a lot of guys that are explosive, a lot of guys that can make plays and where particularly they may not line up at. For example, you've got safeties that are very active around the line of scrimmage. That's not normal." – TE Jonnu Smith

"I've got a lot of respect for (Defensive Coordinator) Gus Bradley and shoot, that's a pretty good defense he's got over there. I know they're in the top half of the league." – Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur

On Chargers offense…

"They're clicking pretty well. They're running the ball well, passing the ball well. Gordon, he's like their whole offense. Those first couple plays, he's flying around" – DL DaQuan Jones

"They're rolling on all cylinders on offense. They've got a hell of a back, really two great backs to me. They're able to run the ball, putting up big numbers. Rivers is playing outstanding like he always does. (He) really controls it. They've got a good passing game and the receivers are big. They're just rolling on all cylinders on offense." – Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees

"They just have a lot of explosive plays and a lot of players who can do explosive plays. Melvin Gordon is a guy who's been running the ball great this year. Last game, he had an excellent game against Cleveland. You've got Keenan Allen and those guys. And they actually have a backup running back, number 30 (Austin Ekeler), who can catch the ball in the backfield as well. Just a lot of skilled guys that we have to cover and be able to chase around all day" – S Kevin Byard

"They have a good running game, they've got some good receivers, they have a Hall of Fame tight end so they have weapons. We're going into it thinking it's the best offense we've faced all year so we're excited for the challenge." – S Logan Ryan

The Chargers arrive at London Heathrow Airport ahead of their Week 7 matchup versus the Tennessee Titans at Wembley Stadium.

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