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Top Quotes | Chargers Day 3 Media Availability 

Derius TQ

Take a look at top quotes from Chargers Day 3 picks post-draft media availability on Saturday:

Wide Receiver Derius Davis

On being selected by the Chargers and his emotions upon receiving the call (Question from WR Quentin Johnston):

"It was unbelievable. Teaming up with my former teammate, Quentin Johnston, it's just a blessing. We put in a lot of hard work, early mornings. To have the opportunity to keep playing with a guy like Quentin Johnston, it's a blessing, for sure. I'm super excited."

On receiving his call from the Chargers today:

"It was crazy because it was really unexpected. I really didn't have much contact with the Chargers. Once they called and were like, 'Are you ready to be a Charger?' I was like, 'Hell yeah.' Knowing Q went there, I have somebody in the city with me that I am familiar with. It's just a great time right now for me and my family, and everybody that has supported me up to this time."

On his punt return and kickoff return abilities:

"My game, as a returner, I always tell people that I'm explosive. Me personally, I feel like I get the party started. At TCU, there were times where we didn't have any points on the board and I was the first one to score during my return, so I feel like I'm a party starter. Hopefully, I can do that for the Chargers. I know I will do it for the Chargers. I'm just blessed to be a Charger. It's just a blessing."

On his production as a wide receiver:

"At TCU, I produced in jet sweeps. They would line me up in the backfield sometimes. I feel like I'm a player that could go all over. I played outside, inside, went in the backfield a few times. I feel like my game is very versatile. I think that is something that I can do at the Chargers, be a versatile player, come in and make plays when the offense needs it, and just be that great teammate to my teammates."

Offensive Lineman Jordan McFadden

On his reaction to receiving the call and being selected by the Chargers:

"I was super excited. I was sitting there and watching, then, all of a sudden, my phone rings. I was super excited. My family, my mother, she was right beside me, so she was super happy for me, as well. Just a very exciting moment for myself and my family."

On if he had any 'inclination' that the Chargers would select him:

"It's kind of funny because [Clemson Head] Coach [Dabo] Sweeney, he came up to me a couple of days ago and he was like, 'I think you're going to the Chargers.' I didn't pay him any mind to it or anything. I was just laughing. To get that call and realize that he was kind of right, that just super exciting and really funny to me."

On his prior knowledge about the Chargers:

"It really kind of funny, I used to play with the Chargers a lot on Madden; [WR] Mike Williams, [QB] Justin Herbert, all of those guys. Definitely a little familiar with them, but I definitely going to have to invest some time and study and learn a little bit more."

On if he knows former Clemson WR and new Chargers teammate Mike Williams:

"I have not met him. Obviously, I've heard of him and watched him a ton, when I was being recruited to Clemson and things like that. Very familiar with him as a player. Super excited to meet him and get to know him, for sure."

Defensive Tackle Scott Matlock

On being selected by the Chargers:

"It was energetic, to say the least [laughter]. I threw the phone on the table and just let out kind of a big scream and a big sigh of relief. It was awesome."

On coming from Boise State and joining an organization that features Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore:

"That's the GOAT right there, as far as Boise State is talking. It's going to be an honor to work with him and just be around him every day, being able to pick his brain on his journey so far and what he's learned and experienced throughout his career. It's going to be exciting."

On his style of play:

"I would describe it as being very violent, very physical at the point of attack. Someone that you definitely have to double, and if you don't, you're going to lose. It's going to be good. I'm excited to get to work with the defense and the D-line and help the guys win some football games."

On his leadership characteristics:

"It was crucial. I was very honored and blessed to receive that position and that title, being a team captain my senior year. Having that been voted on by my fellow teammates and peers just made it even more special. I knew that having that role and that responsibility just meant more, and I had more responsibility on my shoulders and I needed to be there for others, be a servant-leader and offer a helping hand and guide others on their road to success. Towards the end of my career, I kind of had things figured out, as far as the process of college and all that kind of stuff. When there's freshmen coming in and they need help with whatever it is, you're supposed to be that guy who steps up and helps them because at the end of the day, it's not just a football team, it's a family. No matter what it was, I was always there to offer help and guidance to whoever it was."

Quarterback Max Duggan

On being selected by the Chargers and joining a team that already features two of his collegiate teammates, Quentin Johnston and Derius Davis:

"There was a lot of excitement. Throughout this process, I feel like I built a lot of good relationships with all of the coaches on the coaching staff and really built up and connected with them in that way. Obviously, you see Q and D.D. go earlier, and there was a lot of excitement to be a part of this franchise, to go out and be in L.A. and be with this group people."

On his contact with the Chargers during the Draft process:

"There was good communication, whether it was meetings in-person, phone calls, things of that sort. I think that connecting really well with the entire coaching staff made it exciting. Throughout this process, it was somewhere I wanted to go. Obviously, you get to go into a quarterback room that is experienced, talented and knows how to be professionals. You get to learn under them for a little bit and see how to be successful. I'm excited to be a part of this franchise. Yeah, there was a connection early of being with each other and it was place that I wanted to be at."

On his mentality upon entering the NFL:

"Just come in and control what you control. Be a sponge. I think that's the best thing about this is that you go into this team, this franchise, and you get to learn so much for people that are so knowledgeable, so talented, have been around it for a long time. Go in there, be a sponge, learn as much as you can, compete, add as much value as you can in whatever way or whatever role that is."

On his strengths:

"First, competitiveness. I think that, as an intangible asset, can really take you a long ways. I think that you can see it from a lot of the greats, you can see it in Justin [Herbert] a lot you. You can see it in this team. On the field, it's just being a two-way player, being able to make every throw, as well as trying to be able to make plays with your legs and be that two-way threat."

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