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How Justin Herbert is Going to Give Cowboys "Quite the Test"


USA Today NFL & Dallas Cowboys reporter Jori Epstein joined the latest episode of "Playmakers" and discussed the Week 2 matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Chargers.

She also talked about a story she wrote regarding female scouts in the NFL and the ways women are "thriving" in these roles in football.

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Highlights from the conversation are below:

How Dallas is Preparing for Two Facets of Justin Hebert

"When I see the numbers of how well the Chargers protected Justin Herbert from pressure [vs. Washington,] I don't think it bodes well for the Cowboys defense … The Cowboys, although they did manage to get four takeaways in the game last week which was uncharacteristic for this defense, they let up big plays in the passing game, they didn't generate enough of a pass rush, they had no sacks on Tom Brady, and very few pressures.

"[Cowboys defensive coordinator] Dan Quinn told us there are two things that really stand out to him with Justin Herbert: No. 1, that big, strong arm, that he can make the throws and No. 2, how athletic he is. So Dan said, 'I'm essentially preparing my players to play against two plays every play because of the one he can initially make, and if he extends the play, what's coming next.' So I think this Cowboys defense is a work in progress and I think Justin Herbert is going to give them quite the test."


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Finishing in the Fourth

"There's something to be said with figuring out how to win a game at the end of the game, which the Chargers...did last week against Washington and the Cowboys have not yet done.  Dak Prescott, again, is throwing for 400-something yards, and they kept putting up these numbers and not winning in the end and not winning on the road. 

"Can Mike McCarthy's Cowboys figure out how to get over the hump? The Chargers know what that feels like, but doing it once gives you the confidence and teaches you how to do it the next time. So are the Chargers going to build on that in Week 2? Or are the Cowboys going to figure out how to break that trend?"

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