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Packers Impressed by Rivers, Bosa, Ingram and More


On Quarterback Philip Rivers...

"He's a quarterback that can move in the pocket a little bit. I feel like if we can get some pressure on him, we'll be okay...He's a legendary quarterback. He knows schemes, (and) he knows blitzes, so we just gotta control what we can control and do our jobs...Last year, Week 14 when we (the Baltimore Ravens) played them, he was like, 'Z, you're not going to get me today.' And I think I had gotten him twice, but at the end of the day, football is football. We have fun at the same time, and I'm just glad we get to face him again and go back over there and play him." - Linebacker Za'Darius Smith

"Philip Rivers. Old Philip Rivers, man. He's been doing it for a long time. (He's a) great, great quarterback (and a) big-time competitor. He's been great for years, (he's) got receivers outside, (he's) got a great offense, (and he's) got an explosive offense. It's definitely going to be a challenge. We gotta bring our A-game, (and) we gotta get into the film, because we know that Philip, one of the intangibles that he (has) is he's a very smart quarterback. You gotta be on your p's and q's. You gotta be able to show him different things and just try to keep him guessing at the same time, because he's definitely going to keep us guessing...One of the best things about him is he's a big-time competitor" - Cornerback Tramon Williams

"I've always had such respect and admiration for Philip. I tell you what, it was pretty cool when I was with the Rams, we would practice against the Chargers and just to see him up close in how he operates, the command and the competitiveness. (Aaron Rodgers and Rivers) are so similar in how competitive they are. They're always in control on the field and obviously there isn't anything Philip hasn't seen in this league and he's been able to prove it over time and at such a high level. I think he's one of the premier QBs in the league." - Head Coach Matt LaFleur

"I don't know if there is anything he hasn't seen. Just his ability to process and understand what you're in, anticipating what you're in... He's one of the best at identifying it pre-snap, and he's one of the best post-snap. He sees it all. He's likely going to know what we're doing, and we have to be better than that... This is a guy that's seen it all. We don't necessarily see this game as a big scheme deal. It's much more execution than anything else." - Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine

On Defensive End Joey Bosa...

"(Joey Bosa) is relentless. The guy's got a non-stop motor, he's long and he's a handful. He's gotta be someone we have accounted for at all times." - Head Coach Matt LaFleur

On Defensive Ends Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram...

"They're up there. They're a dynamic duo. They're explosive. If you don't account for them and you don't have them in check, they can wreck a game. Another test for (offensive tackle) Bryan (Baluga) and I." - Offensive Tackle David Bakhtiari

"They're really good. They're phenomenal. (Melvin) Ingram's been doing it for a while, (and) he's fantastic. And you put Bosa on the other side, and he's a one-man wrecking shop also. It's gonna be a great challenge for us this week, and the system that they run allows them to really get off the ball and go to work, so we have to account for them at all times." - Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett

"They got two great pass rushers, their scheme is very sound, (and) they've done a nice job against the pass this season. (When) you're playing this defense, you gotta stop the pass rush, and it starts with those two outside guys." - Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

"Man, they are a great duo that can wreck a game. They stack up as good as any tandem in the National Football League, in my opinion. I've got a lot of respect for those guys. I know they've both had their nicks as well, but I went up against them last year when I was with the Titans, so I know you gotta account for those guys at all times."- Head Coach Matt LaFleur

On Running Back Austin Ekeler...

"(Austin) Ekeler's a versatile athlete. He can play traditional running back, run inside, run outside and then split them out. He's certainly a more-than-functional receiver, and then they get him the ball and run some fly sweep stuff and do some gadget things with him, so it's not a surprise given his skillset how productive he's been for them." - Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine

On Cornerback Casey Hayward…

"I think (Casey Hayward) is (even) better (than when we were teammates). I always really enjoyed going against him in practice. He was a great teammate (and) a great locker room guy. I was sincerely surprised when we didn't offer him a contract to bring him back, but he made himself into an All-Pro corner with just more opportunities. When he was with us, he was playing primarily in the slot, and he's figured out how to play really, really well predominantly outside in their scheme. He's got great ball skills, he's a heady player, he's a savvy vet, and you have to be very wary of where you want to throw it outside." - Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

On facing new Offensive Coordinator Shane Steichen...

"I think you gotta go off of what you see. I think the key is going to be in-game, you know, how do you adjust to the play caller? Obviously, every play caller is going to be a little bit different in what they want to do but… you go back and trust your training, trust what you see, and be ready to adjust. - Head Coach Matt LaFleur

"I think it would be difficult to revamp the offense entirely, and I've been involved in situations before where you have a change in play-caller. I don't know how much their inventory is going to change. It's what's being highlighted and what they choose to have up against us. With Anthony Lynn being a running backs coach in Buffalo, he wants to run the ball. Looking at his history, he's been creative in finding ways to be productive in the run game. There is some unknown. We don't want to chase ghosts. We want to prepare for what we've seen on tape, and just like any other game if we get some unscouted stuff, we'll have to adjust." - Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine

On Punt/Kick Returner Desmond King…

"(Desmond King) is a risk taker. He's got a lot of confidence back there, (and) he thinks he can score anytime. He's dangerous every time he touches the ball. He's got really good vision, he sets up his blocks, and he's built kinda low to the ground. He's built a lot like a running back, even though he's a DB. He runs through contact and is able to just kinda set his blocks up. He gets the ball vertical and then finds the crease and gets it outside and is able to find the open window." - Special Teams Coordinator Shawn Mennenga

On Chargers' kick defense…

"They do a good job. They've got a lot of big guys, they get really good push up the middle that affects some things, they blow those guards and tackles up pretty good, and then they're a little bit unique because last week they put about a 315-pound guy that rushes kinda between the end and wing. Usually, you see a safety or a linebacker body that kinda tries to jump through that. Those guys just try to blow everybody up on a side and stuff and just try to cave it all down and try to get a hand up. They do a really good job with their pressure, and it's affected the kickers they've played, just seeing all that push up the middle, so we've gotta do a really good job….(The Chargers' kick defense) takes pride in that, and their unit plays really hard there." - Special Teams Coordinator Shawn Mennenga

On playing the Chargers…

"When I (put) on the tape, I see a lot of good football players. They've lost a few tough games. We know that we're going to have to play our best to beat a really tough opponent on the road...We're playing a pretty darn good opponent that was a playoff team last year." - Head Coach Matt LaFleur

"We better come ready to play Sunday against a team that's a hungry team that's coming off a really good win against the Chicago Bears in Chicago. If we think about anything other than that, I think you're asking for trouble. Our focus is solely on the L.A. Chargers." - Head Coach Matt LaFleur

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