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L.A. City Councilmembers Adjourn City Council Meeting in Memory of Alex Spanos

On Tuesday, Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino of District 15, closed L.A.'s City Council meeting in honor of Alex Spanos.

The founder of A.G. Spanos Companies and owner of the Chargers, Spanos passed away peacefully Tuesday morning at age 95. Along with Buscaino, Councilman David Ryu of District 4 and City Council President Herb J. Wesson Jr. joined in the adjournment. Ryu adjourned a meeting in August in memory of Spanos' wife, Faye.

All three men shared statements on Spanos' extraordinary life and lasting legacy. Council President Wesson even told a story about how one of Spanos' grandchildren was an intern of his. He signed off on the adjournment given the close bond he shares with the family.

Full statements from Councilmen Buscaino and Ryu are below.

Councilman Joe Buscaino

"I rise and adjourn in memory of Alex Spanos, longtime Chargers owner (who) passed away at 95 years old leaving behind a legacy in football. Born to Greek immigrants, Constantinos and Evanthia Spanos, his father owned a bakery in (Stockton) and this is where he learned his entrepreneur skills at a young age of eight where he worked with his father at the bakery. He went on to join the U.S. Air Force training as a pilot, but went on to serve as a tail gunner during World War II. Mr. Spanos truly embodies the American dream. From very humble beginnings, he built a real estate empire and became the owner of an NFL franchise. Mr. Spanos was involved in several charities with his wife, including those that support hospitals, universities, scholarship funds, youth programs, sports programs, churches and schools. In fact, the Los Angeles Chargers today (are) ever-present throughout the city of Los Angeles. As you all know, in 2017, the Chargers found their new home in Los Angeles (and this) is such an incredible loss for our city. Despite his accomplishments, he often said that he took great pride in his family. He had four children, 15 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and his wife, Faye, recently passed away just two months ago. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent in the name of Alex Spanos to the following charities, American Legion, Stockton Scholars Endowment Fund at the University of the Pacific, the Discovery Challenge Academy and the YMCA of San Joaquin County. Our hearts go out to the entire Spanos family. He had a tremendous impact on his friends, his family, athletes and fans. Alex Spanos, may he rest in peace."

Councilman David Ryu

"I would like to join in the memory of Mr. Alex Spanos. We got the news this morning that Alex passed away. We lost a California icon. As Mr. Buscaino stated, while Alex Spanos is most well-known for owning the Chargers and running the football team for over two decades before passing on the responsibility to his children, his story, like many of our stories, is the classic tale of the California dream. He was the son of Greek immigrants and he built an empire through grit, determination and hard work. Not only did he build housing up and down the state. Not only did he run a football team for two decades and brought them to Los Angeles. And not only was he an incredible philanthropist, but most importantly, he loved and supported his family. He leaves behind a legacy for his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that (they) would be very proud of. Just two months ago, I adjourned one of the meetings in memory of Faye Spanos, Alex's wife who passed away in August of this year. Faye met Alex when she was just 18, and she was the love of Alex's life. Their love together and their marriage of 70 years was perhaps the greatest thing they built and a love affair like no other. Together they built a family, a fortune and a number of community projects in their adopted home of Stockton. Alex loved Faye, and as sad as we are here to say goodbye to this California legend, I take a bit of solace knowing he is back with the love of his life."

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