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Casey Hayward's Favorite Career Plays


We all have our favorite plays that we've seen over the years, but what about the guys who made those memories? We've talked to several vets to find out what their favorite plays over their career as a Charger are. Take a look through the five favorite highlights of Pro Bowl cornerback Casey Hayward.

1. October 30, 2016 vs. Denver Broncos

Of course the cornerback's favorite play is his pick-six in his first year with the Bolts. During a Sunday afternoon game against the Broncos, Hayward reached out to intercept a pass from quarterback Trevor Siemian intended for wide receiver Jordan Norwood and returned the ball 24 yards for a touchdown.

"Can't go wrong with a touchdown."

2. September 18, 2016 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

In Hayward's second game after joining the Chargers, he intercepted the ball twice. And while both of those interceptions are favorites to him, the most exciting was the first pick, which he tipped in the air himself and caught it while laying on the ground.

"Two interceptions. That was a good day."

3. October 22, 2017 vs. Denver Broncos

After scoring off an interception against the Broncos in 2016, Hayward picked off Siemian again in 2017. Siemian was attempting to throw to wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, but Hayward grabbed the ball at the Chargers' 10-yard line. The Chargers shutout the Broncos 21-0 that day.

"It felt good. It stopped them from scoring. They didn't score a point so they left with zero on the board."

4. December 24, 2017 vs. New York Jets

With three seconds left in the game and the Jets passing the ball laterally across the field, Hayward tackled running back Elijah McGuire, forced a fumble and recovered the ball to end the game and seal another Chargers victory.

5. December 4, 2016 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The two-time Pro Bowler set a career-high with this interception, his seventh of the season. Hayward ran in front of wide receiver Mike Evans at the perfect time to intercept quarterback Jameis Winston.

"Post corner off of Jameis against Mike Evans, I think that was one of my top ones, too."

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