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Mike Pouncey & Dermontti Dawson Team Up for Heart of a Hall of Famer

Hall of Fame center, Dermontti Dawson, and Chargers center, Mike Pouncey, met with the Estancia High School football team to share what it takes to achieve success beyond the field.

It's not every day high school football players get to hear from those in the NFL.

But on Wednesday, members of Estancia High School's football team got to hear from not only one player, but a Hall of Famer as well.

Current Chargers center Mike Pouncey and former Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Fame center Dermontti Dawson took part in a Heart of a Hall of Famer series at Hoag Performance Center.

"Today was awesome," Pouncey said.  "To be able to come speak to these kids and drop some knowledge on them and what it's going to take to get them to the next level was awesome.  I got to meet Mr. Dawson which was a dream come true for me.  He's such a great football player and I know my brother has said a lot of great things about him, so to finally get to meet him was great."

"It's great," Dawson added.  "You get a chance to talk to some of the high school kids about our careers and some of the values of the Hall of Fame.  You just try to convey that message and give them advice.  I hadn't met Mike (before today).  I knew his brother Maurkice in Pittsburgh, but it's always nice to have somebody else with you as you address the kids and answer some of their questions because you get two different perspectives from two different people.  I think the kids like that as well."

Put on by the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the event gives students a first-hand opportunity to learn from current and former heroes of the game about what it takes to achieve success on and off the field.  Estancia players, as well as schools around the country and fans tuning into the event on Facebook Live, got to ask Pouncey and Dawson questions about anything and everything including naming the toughest defensive lineman they've each had to block and the biggest decisions they've made in their professional lives.

"I wish I had this growing up," Pouncey admitted.  "Back when I was growing up it was a little different day and time, but I think if these kids take advantage of stuff like this, these days, it can get them to where they want to be in life."

Even for a vested veteran like Pouncey who is entering his eighth season in the league, hearing from a Hall of Famer like Dawson struck a chord.

"It was awesome to hear his way of thinking because you're always kind of wondering what a Hall of Famer is thinking.  All the great players kind of think alike so hearing the way he thinks and kind of putting it in my mind the way I kind of think was similar."

The series ended with Dawson and Pouncey sharing remarks to help guide the students through the rest of their careers.  Pouncey stressed hanging around positive people and believing in yourself.  Dawson's message was about working on weaknesses on the field and always recognizing the importance of education.

While he ended with a powerful message, he hopes the entire day resonates with each player in the room.

"I hope they walk away with a general understanding of what it takes to potentially make it to the league if that's what they aspire to do," Dawson said.  "But also, just some of the values that we talk about that transcend sports.  If you incorporate them into your everyday life, they can help your life and help you have a successful life as well whether it be work-related, family-related or athletically-related."

Check out the video below to watch Pouncey and Dawson's Heart of a Hall of Famer series.

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