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Mailbag: What are the Chances of a Chargers Draft Day Trade?

Q: Ricky – What do you think the chances are that the Chargers make a trade on draft day? – Alex Brohm

A:  This question inspired my article earlier this week outlining every draft day trade the Chargers have ever made.  History shows that San Diego executes a trade during the draft more often than not.  In fact, there have only been four drafts since 2000 in which the Bolts did not make one.  Furthermore, only three teams head into the 2016 draft with a previous trade not impacting where they select (Cincinnati, Cleveland, Green Bay).  So while every draft is unique in and of itself, enough history suggests a trade may be more likely to occur than not.

Q: First impression of the schedule?  What game is Ricky Henne looking forward to most? – Stephen Lindross

A:  My first impression is how much back and forth there is on the schedule as it seemingly alternates home and away games every single week.  There is only one stretch of back-to-back away games, which is followed immediately by the lone back-to-back home stand.  Outside of that four game stretch, we alternate between home and hitting the road every other week.  The one game I am personally looking forward to is the home opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  There is nothing quite like the home opener, and I have a feeling the Q will be rocking this season.  I can't wait for the first taste of that!

Q: Is there anything we can do to help collect signatures to get the Stadium Proposal on the ballot?– Mike Brown

A:  I received a number of questions about the stadium initiative in the inbox, so I want to refer everyone to the FAQs we posted which sheds light on most of your questions.  One of the answers regards this very question about helping with signature collection:

"Q: Will there be opportunities for volunteers to help with the signature gathering?

* Absolutely. The success of the signature gathering effort will depend on the enthusiastic support of San Diego residents. By the time signature gathering begins, we will have created a full menu of opportunities for voters who wish to participate, including for those who want to help with signature gathering."*

Q:  Kobe just dropped 60 in his final game…What's the most memorable final game for a Charger player in San Diego history? Opinion?– John Burress

A:  Interesting question.  Football is very different than basketball or baseball as players don't often announce beforehand that they plan to retire at year's end.  Malcom Floyd was a rare instance last season, and while it wasn't his final game, I think his last home game at Qualcomm Stadium will be remembered as his farewell.  A fan favorite his entire career, the outpouring of love and support that afternoon was palpable.  It may have gotten a little dusty up in the press box when they showed his tribute video on BoltVision. Even M-80 himself admitted he fought back tears.  

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