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Los Angeles Chargers Season Tickets

Embed Code #296 (Maxpoint 2015 SG Campaign - Season Tickets Page)

Embed Code #296 (Maxpoint 2015 SG Campaign - Season Tickets Page)

Embed Code #296 (Maxpoint 2015 SG Campaign - Season Tickets Page)


Season Ticket Members FAQ's

Will I retain my tenure as a Chargers Season Ticket Member at StubHub Center and then at the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park?

Yes. Absolutely. We value your tenure with the team and your continuous support and loyalty.  As a valued Chargers Season Ticket Member, you will retain your tenure at  StubHub Center.  Buying season tickets at StubHub Center will also grant you priority to buy Chargers season tickets for the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park – prior to the general public.

What do I need to do right now? I heard there is a wait list for season tickets at StubHub Center.

As a current 2016 Chargers Season Ticket Member, you have seat selection priority. There is no need to sign up for the wait list. In early February, you will receive a Season Ticket Member packet  detailing the entire process, including StubHub Center ticket pricing and other important information.

Will my seat locations at StubHub Center be comparable to what I have now?  Will I be able to sit with my friends who have been in near-by seats at Qualcomm?

There are physical differences between Qualcomm Stadium and StubHub Center: our temporary home is much more intimate, with a capacity of 30,000.  As a result, there is no assurance of comparable seat locations.  You will be selecting seats in StubHub Center based upon your priority date,  not your existing seat location at Qualcomm Stadium.

Your available seat locations to select will depend on  when your seat selection priority time comes up  - so you may or may not  be close to those you are currently sitting near if their priority time is vastly different from yours.  

What type of financial commitment do I need to make for games at StubHub Center and when will I know pricing?

In early February you will receive a packet with detailed information about StubHub Center and your prioritized seat selection window, including pricing structure and payment terms.  There is no financial commitment due at this time.  After you select seats, you will be asked to make the minimum 25% payment due to confirm your seat selection.The ticket prices at StubHub Center will most likely vary from what you are paying now, due to the stadium’s different fan capacity and seating configuration.

What if I need or want to pause my membership, bypass Stubhub Center and return as a season ticket member in The new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park?

In fairness, our Season Ticket Members who maintain their membership continuously through the time we move to the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park will be given the highest location and relocation priority – this  means staying with us at StubHub Center and then transitioning to Hollywood Park. If you bypass any season preceding the move to the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park, you will be placed on a special wait list for seat locations, but we cannot guarantee seat availability.

I have never been to StubHub Center before, can I drive up for a tour before I commit to buying seats?

Yes. We know you feel passionately about your seat locations, so we are planning multiple opportunities for you to visit and see first-hand StubHub Center prior to making your seat selection decisions. Details with dates and times are still being finalized, but will be sent to you  soon.  We also will  have an online virtual seat viewer to assist you with your selection.  The online seat viewer will be fully functional once we begin the seat selection process in early to mid-March.

Is there a maximum number of seats I can buy at StubHub Center?

Yes, the capacity at StubHub Center is less than Qualcomm Stadium so we must limit season ticket members to a maximum of 4 seats per account.

Will I be offered the right to purchase parking if I purchase season tickets for StubHub Center?

Details about parking options and other amenities at StubHub Center will be finalized soon and will be included in your Season Ticket Member packet along with the pricing information.

Is the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park going to have a personal seat license program (PSL)?

A PSL program has not been set or announced at this time. But, we do anticipate the majority of seats, if not all, will require some type of seat license with different price categories based upon seat locations and amenities.

StubHub Center FAQ’s

What is StubHub Center?

StubHub Center, located on the campus of California State University, Dominquez Hills in Carson just minutes from LAX, is a world-class competition and training facility for professional, Olympic, amateur, and collegiate teams and athletes. The 125-acre complex is owned and operated by AEG.

Isn't StubHub Center a soccer venue?

While it is home to the LA Galaxy and US Soccer, StubHub Center is much more than just a soccer venue.  Each year it plays host to a variety of sporting events, including football, boxing, tennis, cycling, and track and field. In fact, on January 21, the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl will be held at StubHub Center.

Doesn't StubHub Center have bleacher seating?

Yes, there are some bleacher seats, but there are also fixed-back seats like any other outdoor stadium, plus premium seats and suites.

How many seats does StubHub Center hold?

Capacity for our games at StubHub Center will be 30,000, making this a rare opportunity to see NFL action in a uniquely intimate setting.

Is StubHub Center the facility previously known as Home Depot Center?

Yes, it is the same venue. Home Depot Center was the previous name of the sports and entertainment complex now known as StubHub Center.

Where is StubHub Center located?

18400 Avalon Boulevard in Carson, just minutes off the 405 and 110 freeways. Please click here for additional information.

Wait! I thought the NFL stadium in Carson wasn't approved.

That was a different project. This is StubHub Center, which was opened by AEG in 2003 and will serve as the temporary home of the Los Angeles Chargers, while the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park is built.

How is the parking situation going to be at StubHub Center?

StubHub Center has approximately 10,000 parking spaces on site. Details about parking and other amenities at StubHub Center will be finalized soon and season ticket members will receive information about parking with the pricing information. Please refer to this link for details.

I'm a soccer fan too. Does this give me any access to soccer tickets or other events at the StubHub Center?

At this time, being a Chargers Season Ticket Member at StubHub Center gives you access to tickets for Chargers games only.   However, there may be special opportunities that arise to buy tickets for other events - and you would be notified accordingly.

Is there mass transit available at or near StubHub Center?

Yes. Please click here for additional information.

Will there be tailgating at StubHub Center?

Yes, tailgating is permitted at StubHub Center. Please refer to this link for details.


2017 Chargers Home Schedule

Bills, Broncos, Browns, Chiefs, Dolphins, Eagles, Raiders, and Redskins

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