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Los Angeles Chargers' Premium Experiences Provides an Unforgettable Night During Conversation with Coach


Dignity Health Sports Park looked ready for gameday. From the cabanas, to the Thunderbolts Drumline and the amazing selection of food and drinks, the place was rocking.

But instead of Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn taking his usual place on the sideline, he took a seat in the Stadium Club next to the voice of the Chargers, play-by-play radio announcer Matt "Money" Smith, answering questions during Conversation with Coach.

Thursday night was just one example of the perks that come with being a Chargers Premium Experience Member.

"These guys are long supporters and have been with us the whole time," Lynn said. "I like to get out and see their faces. I hear them cheering for us, but it's nice to get out and meet them. They pay a premium price, so to meet those who support us at the highest level means a lot."

"This is like being in a family room, and all of a sudden, you're with all the stars of the team," mentioned Rick Ruppert, a Chargers Season Ticket Member for both Dignity Health Sports Park and L.A. Stadium at Hollywood Park. "It's like you're at home and it's awesome…. Getting the one-on-one time with Coach Lynn was unheard of. To have your kids be able to go through this, see it first-hand and then go to a big (away) game, you get lost there. Here, it's like you're in a family room, and it's unbelievable."

The usual "Sunday Funday" experience that comes at Dignity Health Sports Park was replicated for the attendees Thursday night. The stadium was open only to the Premium members, allowing them to get a literal taste of the food and drinks served on gameday, view premium seating and take a virtual reality tour of L.A. Stadium at Hollywood Park.

"I think the 'Sunday Funday' experience (is great)," Season Ticket Member Armando Reynoso said. "If you want the ultimate experience for your family to watch an NFL game, eat some great food and see it in an intimate venue, it's here. There's nothing better."


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But the icing on the cake for those in attendance was participating in Conversation with Coach. As Smith explained, very rarely do you get facetime with an NFL head coach let alone get to ask him questions. Cultivating that family-friendly environment Ruppert mentioned is indicative of the Chargers organization, and clearly replicative in everything they do.

"When you have a chance to ask the head coach of an NFL team, and there's only 32 of them, your question or questions, (it's great). We do these with (General Manager) Tom Telesco, with Coach Lynn, players. Not a lot of teams do it. They do it a lot here, and I think it's a testament to what they want to do here in town, like build connections with the fans, and I think they want to know how much they're appreciated and the very hands-on and intimate relationship they can have with the team. It's what I love about it."

"I felt like a VIP," Reynoso added. "It was like the red carpet for a die-hard football fan. Being (part of Premium Experiences) you get things you've always dreamed of; food, drinks, access to the coach and like-minded people. (You get to ask) questions you've always wanted to ask but can't call ESPN and ask. It's the best thing about Premium. It almost felt surreal, having that direct access to Coach Lynn. You see him on TV...but he's so humble (in person). So to get that experience with this, it's worth every penny."

The Premium Experience at Dignity Health Sports Park is truly unlike any other – and, it'll only be available for one more season before the Chargers move to L.A. Stadium in 2020. As those in attendance Thursday night can attest, being a Premium Member at Dignity Health Sports Park is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives gameday a whole new meaning.

"(The premium experience) is the best," Smith reflected. "If you can do it, do it. You get to go downstairs when they're going out to the field or going into the locker room. You get a chance to be up close and personal with the players. Here, (in the Stadium Club), you get this atmosphere with the booths and a great angle to watch the game. It's hard to beat. Not to mention, the premium tickets where you're down as close as you'll ever be, really for all of eternity in the NFL."

The Los Angeles Chargers hosted a one-of-a-kind event with Head Coach Anthony Lynn and Matt "Money" Smith, giving Premium Experience Members an unforgettable evening.

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