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Five Fun Facts About Dwight Lowery

*This offseason, we want you to get to know your Los Angeles Chargers a little more off the field. 

While you may be aware Dwight Lowery is entering his second season with the Bolts, here are five fun facts you likely don't know about the veteran safety: *

  1. Fan of the Force: Lowery is a self-proclaimed *Star Wars *fan. Although he's not as hardcore of a fan as some, he enjoys the movies for their content:  "It's something that I enjoy just because it talks about the force and how it brings things together.  There are family issues, love and a sense of peace.  You can apply a lot (of what you learn) to everyday life and that's why I like them."
  1. Deeper than the Surface: Lowery was a sociology major during his time at San Jose State and it's easy to see why he chose to go that route.  "I'm not somebody who you can look at on the surface and have me figured out.  I think that sometimes, we're so quick (to judge) because there's such quick access on social media.  I like to communicate face-to-face.  I like to have a personal relationship with people."
  1. BBQ Buff: While Mexican is his favorite cuisine, Lowery admits he has a new love: barbecue.  He even shared a tip for what believes makes the best BBQ: "Anyone can barbecue, but it's really about how you marinate, how long you marinate it for and how long you cook it.  I feel like that's an art that's developed."
  1. New Hobby: Perhaps inspired by his love for lightsabers, Lowery has a new hobby he's ready to pick up: "I want to learn how to sword fight and (take up) combat fighting." Lowery mentioned he's been into mixed martial arts for a while and approaches the game of football with the same mentality as that of an MMA fighter.
  1. Sly Sense of Humor: You may think Lowery is shy when you first meet him, but he has a sense of humor that takes people by surprise: "I'm reserved, but as soon as you get to know me, it's like a character shift!"


Presenting your 2017 Los Angeles Chargers.

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