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Exclusive First Interview with Joshua Perry

Moments after the Chargers selected him with the 102nd overall pick, inside linebacker Joshua Perry called to give his first interview as a member of the San Diego Chargers. So what was that moment like when you got the phone call from the Chargers?

Perry: It was a great moment. I'm definitely relieved to have my name come off the board and come to a great program that has a lot of great players.  It's a lot of excitement for sure.  I had my mom and dad in the room with me.  My mom was tearing up and my dad was holding back tears.  The whole emotion was awesome.  I had an idea that Chargers had an interest, but I didn't know if or when they would take me just because of their past recent drafts taking linebackers.  I know they did have some interest, and I'm glad to be coming there. I have to ask about Joey Bosa.  What is that like to come to the NFL and have one of your Buckeye teammates with you?

Perry: Oh man, that is awesome.  Joey and I have a great relationship. It's going to be fun and will help having a familiar face around for this transition. Could you ever have imagined teaming up with one of your Ohio State teammates?

Perry: What's funny was with all of the guys we had coming out, I was saying there is bound to be one or two teams taking multiple Buckeyes in the draft.  I just had no idea it was going to be me!  But for sure, it's going to be really helpful having someone you know and have a connection with already. How would you describe your game?

Perry: I'm a productive, downhill linebacker. I have skills to play all over the field.  I'm just a guy who is going to bring production, passion and energy to the game.  Special teams is huge, too.  As a fourth round pick, I know I am expected to contribute there right away. That is something I did over my four years at Ohio State.  I know it's a game changer, so it's very important. How familiar are you with the other inside linebackers on the Chargers, especially Manti Te'o and Denzel Perryman?

Perry: I've watched those guys for a while.  Manti especially when he was coming out.  He's a great player.  I watched Denzel because he was another big-name inside linebacker coming out.  My thing is going to be to just come in there, compete and keep pushing everyone to be their best, and be my best too. You are known as a physical run stuffer.  Is that what you pride yourself on most?

Perry: Making big plays all over the field in general is what (I pride myself on) most.  Stuffing the run, stopping someone on 3rd-and-short, getting that big pass breakup and hitting someone across the field is what gets my juices flowing. Is there an area of your game you are focused on improving most?

Perry: I want to improve every aspect of my game.  It's a big step up to the NFL.  It's the pinnacle, so every aspect of my game I'm going to work to improve so I can be a reliable player. Finally, what do you want to tell all your new Chargers fans out there?

Perry: Thank you for believing in me. I'm really excited to go.  I expect to do big things, and am happy for the opportunity to be a Charger.

Take a look at Ohio State linebacker Joshua Perry in action on the field.

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