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Chargers Provide Free Dental Care for Fourth-Straight Year

Smiles were aplenty at StubHub Center on Tuesday as the Los Angeles Chargers partnered up with TeamSmile for the fourth year in a row to offer free dental services to more than 300 underserved children from Los Angeles Unified School District.

"This is a great service to the community," said William Celestine, Director Wellness Programs, Los Angeles Unified School District.  "Many of our families are from low income areas so to be able to get this type of dental service at no cost, it's amazing.  I think it's a testament to the partnership that the LAUSD has established with the Chargers and TeamSmile."

"Since the Chargers are in a new community, we're trying to build this community where the Chargers can be a part of this and we can be a part of the Chargers' community," added Derrick Whitmore, Regional Manager of Colgate.  "(We want to) make sure the kids come out and get the care that they need."

The Stadium Club at StubHub Center was completely transformed into a full-service dental office on Tuesday.  But, this wasn't your average setup.  Outside, at the end of the chairs and X-ray stations, was a dance area with a DJ for the kids.  Even a few Chargers and Charger Girls tagged along for the day.

"It's good to see the smiles on the kids' faces," Chris McCain said.  "Some were crying, but I happened to calm them down and they got right.  They're having fun (with) the dance floor setup and it's just cool."

"We've got a dance party, we're cleaning teeth (and) getting these kids to realize that dental care is (number) one and we need to be brushing two times a day," Sean McGrath added.

Tuesday's event was just another example of the Chargers' commitment to giving back to their community.  Through helping the kids complete their checkups with ease while teaching them about proper oral hygiene, the Bolts remain committed to making a positive impact.

"The team, they're role models for these kids," mentioned Janet Lake, Lead Nurse, LAUSD.  "It's exciting.  Many of them have never been to a stadium before and many of the little ones have never had the chance to see or talk to a player before.  The players have been so great with the kids.  It's going to be a memory that they're going to have forever and ever."

The Chargers team up with TeamSmile to provide dental care to youth in Carson and surrounding areas.

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