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Chargers Camp Only a Week Away


It's almost time.

After 28 long weeks following the end of the 2018 campaign, we're only a handful of days away from the start of training camp as the Los Angeles Chargers hit the field at Jack Hammett Sports Complex on Thursday, July 25.

Free and open to the public, there truly is nothing like Chargers Camp as fans get to take in all the action mere feet from their favorite players. Overall, camp is open to the public a total of 13 days. This year features the first night practice, set to take place on Aug. 12, as well as joint practices against the Rams (Aug. 1) and Saints (Aug. 15-16).

While each day brings its own excitement, there's truly nothing quite like that first day back.

No one knows that better than Philip Rivers.

"If you're not excited about the first day of training camp, that's when you know you're probably trying to hang on," the quarterback said last year on the first day of camp.  "I was excited to get back out here today. It's always the good kind of butterflies at your first practice back, and shoot, we have a game in two weeks, and then it really goes once it gets there."

As is the case every year, there are several key storylines set to play out, starting right away on July 25.

We've highlighted some of the more noteworthy ones over the past few weeks, but if you're in need of a refresher, here is a sampling of what you should be looking for at Jack Hammett Sports Complex:

In addition, there are plenty of unique offerings for fans to enjoy when not taking in the action on the field. That includes a sneak preview of the Bolts' new home, L.A. Stadium at Hollywood Park, through a virtual reality tour of the stadium, the ability to preview previously unreleased renderings and the opportunity to sample new food offerings scheduled to be available at the new stadium.

Plus, as always, fans will get to meet players after practice and receive autographs as well as greet the squad when they arrive prior to practice in the "Hi-Five" Zone. There will also be interactive games, face painting and special photo opportunities as well as the chance to meet the Charger Girls and Chargers legends.

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