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Why the Bolts' Win Streak is Unlike Any They've Had in 18 Years


6-2 at the midpoint.

4-0 in the second quarter of the season.

A five-game winning streak.

The Los Angeles Chargers are clearly on a roll, but just how impressive is this run?

A closer look at it proves it's pretty dang impressive.

The Chargers have won five in a row for the first time since 2014, when they were victorious from Weeks 2 through 6. Their most recent win might be the most impressive as they became the first AFC team since 2011 to win in Seattle.

Furthermore, the Chargers went 4-0 in the second quarter of their season. That's a feat they haven't done in a whopping 18 years, as the last time they accomplished this came way back in 2000.

Finally, the 6-2 record is the team's best mark in 12 years, as they had the same mark in 2006.

Thus, you can see why many on the roster felt they made a statement Sunday vs. the Seahawks.

The team's strong start certainly has sent the NFL buzzing, but their 6-2 start isn't what fans ought to be most excited about.

More than anything, fans should be excited about the team's attitude regarding their 6-2 record. Basically, the Bolts care far more about what the future holds and continuing the streak than boasting about what they've done thus far.

Head Coach Anthony Lynn couldn't be happier about the team's approach as it's how they've attacked each week over the first half of the season, using the latest win as a launching pad to get even better.

"We can build off of (this win) because I thought we have gotten better every single week. That's what this team has done," Lynn said. "We have gotten better. We have learned from our losses. I feel that we are a better football team now than in the first quarter of the season. Now, the second quarter is over, and (we have to) get ready for the third quarter. Some (teams) are going to push ahead. Some (teams) are going to fall off right there."

The Bolts need to make sure they're the ones that push ahead.

To that end, Lynn has no doubt his team has the right mindset moving forward.

"This is the beginning of the third quarter of our season," he said. "We've put ourselves in position to finish strong and maybe make the tournament at the end of the season, but we have to finish. We have to finish. … This group, they have an understanding that we start over every week. What we did last week really doesn't matter. We're re-focused, we're going to re-group and come back Wednesday. We'll go back to work like we haven't done anything. That's what I like about this group - their ability to forget, stay present and move forward."

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