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What You Missed in the Win Over the Broncos

The Los Angeles Chargers defeated the Denver Broncos 21-0 on Sunday.  While there were many highlight plays and key moments, a closer look at the film shows what you may have missed that allowed the Bolts to get the win. All plays come courtesy of NFL Game Pass, which you can purchase to delve into every single game.

The Situation: Second Quarter (15:00); 1st-and-10 from DEN 27
What You Saw:Melvin Ingram went unblocked to cut across the line, dropping C.J. Anderson for a loss of two on first down.
What You Missed:Joey Bosa takes on two blockers, slowing Anderson down just enough for Ingram to get there. Shaded outside right tackle Allen Barbre, Virgil Green goes into motion to create a double team on number 99. Bosa not only stands his ground, but splits both Broncos to impede Anderson's progress.  Credit goes to Adrian Phillips as well, as the safety gets into position to set the edge, forcing Anderson to consider cutting inside for a split second.  All of that combined allows Ingram to cut across for the tackle for loss.

The Situation:Second Quarter (7:10); 1st-and-goal from DEN 1
What You Saw:Austin Ekeler go into motion and catch a pass from Philip Rivers for the touchdown.
What You Missed:Tyrell Williams running a picture-perfect route to help free up Ekeler.  As a secondary option on the play, Williams takes one-step forward with his left foot, momentarily hesitating before continuing his slant.  That simple move forced linebacker Brandon Marshall to cut inside in order to not run into the wideout. By doing so, it eliminated any possible angle he had to reach Ekeler shy of the goal line.  Instead, the running back is able to find the end zone untouched.

The Situation:Fourth Quarter (7:58); 1st-and-10 from LAC 38
What You Saw:After being bottled up most of the afternoon, Melvin Gordon ran up the middle before cutting right for a 21-yard gain to Denver's 41.
What You Missed:Dan Feeney helping to spring Gordon by helping block two men.  While all eyes are on the right side of the line, as Kenny Wiggins and Michael Schofield opened up a huge hole, it's the rookie on the left side that allows Gordon to hit and burst through it. Feeney, who stepped in for Matt Slauson at left guard in the third quarter, first combines with Russell Okung to take Derek Wolfe out of the play.  He then moves onto Brandon Marshall, who looks like he'll slice between Feeney and Spencer Pulley to hit at the line of scrimmage.  Instead, Feeney seals him off, allowing Gordon who appears to be bottled up to spring free for the big gain.

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