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What the Raiders Are Saying About the Bolts

Notable comments from the Oakland Raiders in the lead up to the Week 15 match vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Philip Rivers….

"We know (Rivers is) going to try to throw deep, and it's up to the deep defenders to defend the deep…. There's so many different situations that you have to master. You just have to put them all together, then you get to the wins. He's going to attack us over the top, in the middle. They have good tight ends. There's so many different aspects to the game that one aspect isn't more important than the other." – Defensive Coordinator Ken Norton, Jr.

"Well, evidently he was right (when he said last game our cornerbacks couldn't keep up on the deep ball). I mean, they got a couple behind us, so we'll see if we can run a little faster this week….*  Obviously, Philip can throw the ball anywhere on the field, we just don't want him throwing it so far over the top of us.  But that's up to us to control that.  Obviously, they're going to have designs to go after it and we're going to have designs to not to let it happen and we have to do our end a little bit better." – Head Coach Jack Del Rio*

On Joey Bosa….

"He plays with great effort. They do a great job of moving him. He does a real good job with moving on the line of scrimmage and things like that. They put him in different spots. They try to move him at different positions. They do a really good job. They have a great defensive coordinator, very smart coach. He knows what he's doing with him, and he uses him to his strengths, he really does. We have our hands full, obviously, but looking forward to it." – QB Derek Carr

"We saw him in his first game and got two sacks against us. So, he's very active, looks like they have a good young player that we'll be seeing at least twice a year for a long time…. He's a disruptive player and a really good player.  It looks like they found a good one there." – Head Coach Jack Del Rio

On Antonio Gates….

"He's very crafty.  He's got a great wealth of experience and has pretty much seen all kinds of coverages and techniques but he continues to find ways to get open." – LB Malcolm Smith

On San Diego's WRs….

"Tyrell (Williams), (Travis) Benjamin, all those guys are good players.  I think Inman is no different.  I think they do a good job with design and figuring out ways to get their guys the ball.  Obviously we have a lot of respect for them, it's a good offense." – Head Coach Jack Del Rio

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