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What the Panthers Are Saying About the Bolts

Notable comments from the Carolina Panthers in the lead up to the Week 14 match vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Casey Hayward….

"He's obviously had a great year with seven interceptions on the season.  I know as a defense they lead the league in interceptions which is big.  They've been getting turnovers and for any defense, if you can turn the ball over, it impacts the game significantly and Hayward is a talented guy.  You can put him in different spots to match up with other teams' top players and he holds his own." – TE Greg Olsen

On Antonio Gates….

"You always have to be concerned about Antonio (Gates).  Gates still has that ability to make plays and he knows how to sit down and find the holes.  He has the ability to body up and make the big plays." – HC Ron Rivera

* "It's obviously very impressive with what he's been able to do from a production standpoint and consistency and longevity perspective.  It's a hard position to play; physically and mentally, there's a lot to ask of guys… (He) and Philip (Rivers) have had as good a quarterback-tight end connection the league has ever had." – TE Greg Olsen*

On Joey Bosa….

"When you watch him, he is pretty good. He really is. I think they have done a nice job with their defensive front. I think with Bosa, (Melvin) Ingram and (Corey) Liuget; they have a legitimate group up front." – HC Ron Rivera

On Philip Rivers….

"He is still playing at a high level. You watch him and his ability to read defenses and attack; he still makes great decisions, he delivers a great football (and has) got a good feel for the game. He's a tremendous competitor as well. I know he is a little bit older than the last time I saw him but I still respect his ability to play football." – HC Ron Rivera

On John Pagano….

"I think John is a very bright and intelligent football coach, I really do.  I really enjoyed my time working with John because John gave me a little bit of insight into offensive football.  He started as an offensive quality control guy and really understood that part of it.  So getting out there in San Diego and having him as basically my right hand guy, he was terrific.  I think he's doing a great job.  I love his aggressive nature and I love his creativity.  He has a future in this league and hopefully he'll continue to get opportunities and get a chance to be a head coach someday." – HC Ron Rivera

On Chargers Defense….

*"(They are a) very opportunistic defense that I think they have are at the top three, if not leading the league, in takeaways. I have to be very accurate with the ball. I have to protect the football vs. this team." – QB Cam Newton *

"They are just good. They just got a lot of good players; they do a lot of unique things and it is going to be a good challenge for us, one we are really looking forward to." – OT Mike Remmers

"We are playing a good group of guys. Good linemen, good linebackers, good rushers. They have good defensive backs. We are just going to have to go out there and do our job" – OG Trai Turner

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