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What the Falcons are Saying about the Bolts

Notable comments from the Atlanta Falcons in the lead up to the Week 7 match vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Joey Bosa….

"You see him line up and he's really settling in to this defensive end spot.  He's really active with his hands.  I've always thought he's played really strong, but I think he moves a little better than I even thought.  His quickness looks to be on point." – Head Coach Dan Quinn

"He has played well. When he has gotten his opportunity (the past) two games he has played well. He's done a good job.  A high motor guy, plays really hard and has some serious talent so we are going to have to be aware of where he is at." – QB Matt Ryan

On Philip Rivers….

"He's got a quick release.  There's no question about that. He knows where to go with the football.  He knows when to get rid of it. He's got a great feel for when to extend plays and when to ditch it and cut your losses.  TO me, the number one thing that stands out to me anytime you talk about Philip is the consistency throughout his career. He's been a great player for a long time, and has continued to play at a really high level for a long time.  It's just really impressive." – QB Matt Ryan

"He is a timing quarterback. What I mean by timing quarterback is, he is not as mobile as some of the other quarterbacks but number one, what I love about the guy is he is a very fierce competitor. This guy competes, that is his number one trait I think, and he also does a great job of releasing the ball very, very quickly. It is hard to get to him in those little windows. Maybe 3rd and long he might hold on to the ball a little longer but his timing throws- his receivers aren't even out of the break yet and the ball has been released because he knows exactly where they are going to be and he does a great job of managing that part of it. He likes to step up in the pocket, like Russell (Wilson) last week when I told you in the press conference he would escape up the middle and escape left and right. This guy (Rivers) is built a little different; he is taller and has a real quick release. Most importantly, I love his competitiveness" – Defensive Coordinator Rich Smith

On Hunter Henry and Antonio Gates….

"Hunter Henry is the one I've seen the most action on.  I had a chance to work him out when he was coming out of Arkansas, and I left really impressed that day with the athlete.  I was not surprised to see him line up (and) split outside.  I couldn't think of a better mentor for him to be around as a player than Antonio (Gates) just in terms of style and learning some of the tricks of how to play.  For years, I've thought (Gates) has been as difficult to guard as anybody.  That's a real weapon with the two of them" – Head Coach Dan Quinn

"Gates has been a Pro-Bowl tight end for many years. He is a big man- 260 pounds or so and he is crafty. He uses his body and hands to shake people and throw them and come off and make plays. What he is really good at is, Philip is really comfortable with him, they move the chain with him because he is a big target, has great hands, crafty and can move the chains …(Henry) is going to be a really, really good tight end. We really liked him as our organization when we worked him out and he is doing a great job for them. I see that he will be the future guy for a long time and he is playing a lot of reps on all downs" – Defensive Coordinator Richard Smith

On Jatavis Brown….

"Jatavis is another one coming out of Akron that we really had high hopes for.  We were very interested (and) we knew he had speed so we were looking at him at safety as well.  I was not surprised to see him really hauling.  I saw him match up on running backs and play that well.  I love his speed that he plays with (and) the tackling.  We were not surprised that when he got selected (San Diego) had a real find there." – Head Coach Dan Quinn

On San Diego's Defense…

"The front seven (stands out). I think they've had some injuries in the secondary, but they are going to have good players back there.  But their front seven does a great job against the run.  They do a great job in terms of their pressure package creating good matchups and getting after the passer." – QB Matt Ryan

On Brandon Mebane….

"Honestly, he means a lot to me because it's guys like Brandon who have totally played so well that they've allowed me to have the Falcons logo on my chest.  I have tons of respect of him.  As a ballplayer, he's got great anticipation of where the play is going.  I'm sure you've seen him point as he's standing right there over the center…his teammates totally respect him for that.  He's always been an anchor inside in the run game.  He keeps all the power downstairs; you guys have seen that.  He's somebody I have tons of respect for." – Head Coach Dan Quinn

On Melvin Ingram….

"I think he's maturing as a player.  I think the thing is back in the day, if I remember correctly, he was a guy where he'd have a good play and then he'd have a bad play.  The consistency wasn't always there; (but) he always knew he had the talent.  But I think now, I think he's being more consistent in making good and great plays.  He's becoming that solid rock for that defense and obviously you see it in his numbers and how he's playing now." – DE Dwight Freeney

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