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What the Colts are Saying about the Bolts...

Take a closer look at who the Bolts will matchup against for week three in Indiana.

On Melvin Gordon…

*"He's obviously a threat.  He's running with authority.  He's big, powerful and he looks like he's a one-cut guy who can make people miss.  He gets in the secondary and he has the speed to go the distance.  He breaks tackles, is hard to get on the ground (and) has good vision.  The offensive line is doing a nice job for him (and) the guy's running with great confidence.  He runs behind his pads and is a physical guy.  We're going to have to do a great job defensively and it's going to take everybody.  They're going to block everybody up and you can add guys to the box, but the wide receivers do a great job of coming in and picking up those extra defenders.  They force everybody to play and (Gordon) forces everybody to play.  It's a huge challenge for us to stop this kid." – *Head Coach Chuck Pagano

"The running back (Melvin Gordon) is legit ball-carrier. We know that running backs don't get drafted in our league as high as he was if he wasn't a really good player, and so we have a lot of respect for Melvin Gordon. We know they have other guys that can gain yards running the football behind that big offensive line." – DC Ted Monachino

On Dwight Lowery…

*"What a good guy.  (He's) a good pro (and I have) a lot of respect for him; he just comes in and does his job right every day.  I really admire him." – *QB Andrew Luck

On Griff Whalen…

*"They got a great player, a stud, a pro and (someone) who does everything right.  (He's) universally liked in the locker room, and (they are) lucky to have him." – *QB Andrew Luck

On the Bolts' Offense…

"Offensively, our defense they know it is going to be a huge challenge, (they are) putting a ton of points on the board, Philip Rivers shows no signs of slowing down, (they are) running the ball extremely well, he's spreading the ball around.  Again, they have done a great job in the first half, they have outscored their opponents 42-3, we are well aware of that and have to do a great job… they go out and sign McCluster, after losing Woodhead they go out and sign McCluster who is a matchup nightmare and they still have Gates who is a matchup nightmare, they would love to have those guys out in space against linebackers and that is going to happen at times." *– *Head Coach Chuck Pagano

On the Bolts' Defense…

*"I think they present multiple looks, I think (Jason) Verrett is a really good cover corner, Brandon Flowers also as well, is a good experience guy. (I) played with Dwight Lowery last year and have a lot of respect for what he does.  I think (Denzel) Perryman and (Manti) Te'o inside are really solid and (Melvin) Ingram is legit (and) a really good pass rusher so there are a lot of good players on that defense." – *QB Andrew Luck

*"Defensively they are playing well, they are getting off the field on third down, 28% they are fourth in the National Football League, got a really good front, a linebacking core that is across the board really, really good.  Good pass rushers, Ingram is a guy that we have to take care of. Liuget inside, Mebane coming over from Seattle he does a nice job.  Linebackers Te'o and Perryman are run and hit guys and got a good secondary so it is going to be a huge challenge." – *Head Coach Chuck Pagano

*"Defensively (they are) playing really well, obviously know John Pagano really well, (I) have worked with him and (he's) and outstanding coach and scheme and everything they are doing.  Really tough upfront, (they are) playing well.  Inside they have some guys, outside they have rushers, they're deep, they can roll those guys through.  They have a great corner they are playing with and obviously the backers making plays on the field.  So a really good defense and a good challenge that we are excited about this week." – *OC Rob Chudzinski

On Philip Rivers…

*"I really admire Philip.  I really enjoy watching him play and I enjoyed getting to meet him a few years ago and getting to hang out with him at a Pro Bowl.  What a fine man and great role model for all quarterbacks.  Certainly, (he's) one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.  No fun to play against, but when you're not playing against him, I really enjoy watching him." – *QB Andrew Luck

*"He is very, very smart.  He does as good a job as anybody pre-snap of gathering information. When you go through and you look at the play clock and to the cadence study there is a lot of times where there is one, two seconds left in the play clock before he snaps it, especially on third down. He does a great job of getting the defense to show their hand. You try to do as good a job as you can to hide what you are doing but there is nothing that he has not seen. Keeps his eyes down the field, the arm strength is still there, arm talent is still there, he can make all the throws. He is a competitive guy, he spreads it around, he knows where to go with the football, period. And 9 out of 10 times he is usually right about what he thinks you are in. He is a big strong guy and he hangs in there (the pocket) and a little bit like Ben (Roethlisberger) you might think you have him but if he has an opportunity and you don't have that right arm or you don't wrap him up for the sack, with a guy draped on him he will underhand it, over hand it, or behind the back it and he will find a way to get it to a check down or something like that to keep the play alive." – *Head Coach Chuck Pagano

*"The quarterback makes it all go. We have a lot of respect for Philip and the job that he does, not only as physical football player, but probably more importantly as a mental player.  His football IQ is off the charts and we have to do a good job in being precise in our disguise and everything that we do; we don't want to give him any pre-snap tells if we can avoid it." – *DC Ted Monachino

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