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What the Browns are Saying About the Bolts

Notable comments from the Cleveland Browns in the lead up to the Week 16 match vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Philip Rivers….

"The San Diego offense has a quarterback, Philip Rivers, who I have a lot of respect for, I've competed against and is a tremendous football player.  He knows how to play the game and is one of the best quarterbacks in this league, in my opinion.  Offensively, they're still going to always be the Chargers that I've know." – HC Hue Jackson

"Obviously their quarterback is very, very good. We talked this morning about, in my opinion probably, that he is the best quarterback that doesn't have a ring. Watching them play, they have a very vertical passing game, (using) different combinations and stuff. They have two very good tight ends and their receivers have really done an excellent job of doing their job. So when you watch them, it obviously starts with the quarterback. They are a top five scoring offense and probably a top six passing offense so it all starts with the guy behind the center; he does an excellent job of getting out of the huddle quick, seeing the personnel and really trying to put them in the best position for what he sees to make a play. I think it is critical that we somehow disguise better so Philip has to read it at the snap vs. before the snap." – DC Ray Horton

On Joey Bosa….

"He has hand quickness, initial quickness and he is relentless. He is relentless to the ball. To me, he is further along than some early NFL guys who don't know how to dip and rip and do all those things, I just think he does it naturally. Some guys have a skill that they know how to do certain things and he is one of those guys. He is a tremendous football player and I thing we all know that." – HC Hue Jackson

"So far as rookies go, he is the most polished pass rusher that I have ever seen. His ability to use his hands (is impressive), and he has a natural instinct about counter pass rush moves and using his hands to beat an offensive lineman that you don't really see out of rookies. He looks like an eight-year vet out there the way he tries to get after the quarterback. Another thing that always stands out when you watch him is just the effort that he plays with." – OT Joe Thomas

"Joey at Ohio State was a very dominate 4-3 hand in the ground defensive end. That is what he is playing for San Diego. He is playing with his hand in the ground. Joey is a smart player, obviously big, strong, tough, fast and has a great passion for football." – DC Ray Horton

"He is a great guy and he is doing unbelievable (things). I am happy for him. I knew he was really good watching him at Ohio State, that is why he went where he went. He is doing an unbelievable job, he is physical, he is tough… he is doing his job." – WR Corey Coleman

On Travis Benjamin….

"I have a lot of respect for Travis.  I spoke to him personally a couple times over the phone and obviously, I think he did what he felt was best for his family.  We totally respect that.  He's where he should be and we have the receivers we should have at this time." – HC Hue Jackson

"He caught the opening touchdown against the Raiders last week on a deep corner route and that is part of the reason when I opened my statement about their vertical passing game.  He is part of it that can fly up the field. (When) we go into a game we watch every game and you try to understand who is their key guy, and one of the opening statements to our players is about their vertical passing game and the speed that they have out there." – DC Ray Horton

"Travis is one of my favorites and I have a lot of respect for him. I have said it before, I got into coaching because my dad was a very successful high school coach. I wanted to be my dad, I wanted to be the guy to coach players and then develop relationships with players.  As they came back to see my dad I always admired that about him. I think my relationship with Travis was one of those. I have a lot of respect for him and his work ethic and coming back from the knee injuries and playing for us. It is a new chapter for him; it'll be nice to visit with him before the game." – ST Coordinator Chris Tabor

On Casey Hayward….

"He's great.  He leads the league in picks and I had a chance to see Casey play a bunch (when he was) in Green Bay.  He's a great player and you have to make sure you game-plan accordingly and still go out there and challenge your guys to get open vs such a great corner." – QB Robert Griffin III

On Antonio Gates/Hunter Henry Combination….

"We understand they have a future Hall of Famer in Antonio Gates and Hunter Henry looks like an excellent replacement, whenever that happens so… we just have to play better against tight ends we face.  They won't surprise us in that they have viable, good, dynamic tight ends. It comes down to at some point it is going to be one-on-one or two-on-one and we have to eliminate those guys at that point." – DC Ray Horton

"They have two good tight ends. They have a rookie and then they have a potential Hall of Famer so they definitely have two good tight ends that can move the ball, catch the ball, block. They have a good tight end on their hands so we just have to make sure we do our job, our assignment and limit them from the game." – LB *Christian Kirksey*

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