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What the Broncos are Saying About the Bolts

Notable comments from the Denver Broncos in the lead up to the Week 8 rematch vs. the San Diego Chargers.

On Joey Bosa….

"We all know Joey is a great player.  I know he had been injured and missed time before we played him, but we know what type of player he is.  We studied him coming out and now we are seeing just how much he can affect a football game. I think their front seven has really been excellent in what they are doing as a group and obviously, he has added to the group.  (He's) a fine player, a great player and that is why he was drafted so high and coming into his own and playing extremely well right now" – HC Gary Kubiak

"He's physical, great with his hands, (has) really good technique and he's where they ask him to be. Everybody compliments each other really well in that group up front and they do a lot of twisting, they get to the quarterback and they're disruptive, no doubt" – QB Trevor Siemian

On Philip Rivers….

"It all starts with Philip Rivers. You can't overlook Philip and the type of quarterback that he is and the type of decision making that he does. You really just can't overlook that. It starts and it ends with Philip. They've had all types of injuries and they're still a great team, probably one of the hottest teams in the National Football League right now and it all starts with Philip Rivers" – OLB Von Miller

"They still have Philip at quarterback. That's what makes those boys (so good). He's been doing it for so long. He runs that offense as well as any quarterback in the league. It's his squad and we just have to get to him first" – S Darian Stewart

On Brandon Mebane….

"That is the big pickup for them. (He is) very active inside. They are creating a lot of negative football plays because of their quickness upfront and the stunts and stuff. It will be extremely important that we eliminate those (as) we had way too many of those the first time around." – HC Gary Kubiak

On Hunter Henry….

"He's a really good player, I really liked him coming out.  He hurt us a couple weeks ago (and is) a really tough matchup for us defensively.  He's a very good looking young player." – HC Gary Kubiak

"We let him go on man-to-man one time. He's a good player. They've had a great tight end and they still do in (Antonio) Gates, but this guy is a good player. We didn't realize that he was such a good athlete, but he's a very good athlete and had a lot of catches. We cut down the tight ends last week and we're going to try to do the same thing last week." – DC Wade Phillips

On Antonio Gates….

"Every time I look up, he's moving the chains!  He and Philip have such a great rapport and (I have) great respect for him as a player.  I got to know him at the Pro Bowl a few years ago when I went down there and coached.  He's had a tremendous career and he and Philip have been doing it well and doing it for a long time" – HC Gary Kubiak

On Melvin Gordon….

"He has ten more touchdowns (than last year)! He was a good back last year. He was a rookie and he was a young guy. I think they certainly learned how to utilize him and he's come along and gotten better and better. He's got great talent and we knew that going into last year. It looks like he's just matured and played the way his ability will let" – DC Wade Phillips

On Bolts' Offense as a Whole….

"I'll tell you what, you have to give Ken Whisenhunt and Philip a lot of credit; they do a great job of game planning, moving people around, creating mismatches, (spreading) people out and those types of things… Hell, they did it before when they were together and they are just doing it again. Great coach, great quarterback and they are just playing excellent" – HC Gary Kubiak

"We played them not too long ago. They have a tremendous offense, we know (who) the quarterback is—they're scoring the second most in the league. Their quarterback is a great, great player and has been for a long time. It's a big challenge for us. They're running back is tied for the league in scoring touchdowns. He was the number one pick last year so offensively they're a power house" – DC Wade Phillips

"We're familiar with the San Diego Chargers just like they're familiar with us. I think it was the Chiefs last year (we played close together). I would rather it be a divisional game than some teams that we didn't know. The league does a good job scheduling these games and the San Diego Chargers are a team that we're familiar with. Whenever you play them on Sunday, it would be a different team, but we're familiar with the types of players and the type of scheme that they run" – OLB Von Miller

"They changed up their scheme pretty well against us the first time. They really didn't run a lot (of plays) like they had on film before they played us. They kind of switched it up and tried to run some things that had hurt us in the past. It's tricky playing them so close. You really don't know what they're going to come with this week." – ILB Todd Davis

On Bolts' Defense as a Whole….

"Their front seven to me is a really good group and (are) doing a really good job getting after the quarterback. I think they have six different players who have gotten turnovers on the back end. I think it is a good football team right now.  Our division is very tough and a lot of good football going on around this league, a lot of close football games." – HC Gary Kubiak

"They give you a lot of different looks and give you some different pressures. Then they have great personnel across the board and they're getting healthier in the secondary. They're a hand full up front, an athletic group, and they get around the ball. They force a lot of turnovers so we'll have our hands full again for sure" – QB Trevor Seimian

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