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What the Bills Said After Losing to the Bolts

Notable comments from the Buffalo Bills after the Chargers' 54-24 victory:

On Keenan Allen…

"They were moving him around. You play inside and he will go out. You play outside and he will go in. So he was basically playing off of us." – S Trae Elston

On switching quarterbacks prior to the game…

"Our players were focused. They came out, they were moving the ball on offense and then we had a play that went off our hands into somebody else's hands and got returned for a touchdown. That's what I'm saying, is, when you look at big picture of this football game, and again it's nowhere near the result we had hoped for, wanted or prepared for. The game got away from us in a hurry, and when you step back and look at it - objectively look at it - that's part of it. I thought our players were focused, they were ready, they worked hard during the week, coaches worked hard just like we've been all season long. Our preparation will not change." – Head Coach Sean McDermott

On Nathan Peterman's struggles…

"It wasn't what he had hoped for or we had hoped for. At the same time, you know when you put a young quarterback out there there's going to be some ups and downs, and that's part of it. The good part about Nate [Peterman] is he's a tough individual and a good football player. To me, it's not indicative of who he is as a player, but he's going to go through some of this. All good players do." – Head Coach Sean McDermott

"I have had tough games before and coach always says you never lose, you learn. That will be my mindset moving forward. I am going to learn a lot from this and make sure that this never happens again." – QB Nathan Peterman

On when they made the decision to pull Peterman…

*"At halftime, I got together with the staff and we evaluated things. That's the decision we made at that point." *– Head Coach Sean McDermott

On putting Tyrod Taylor in…

"He was ready to go. Just like you saw, he came out, moved the offense and did a good job. He embraced it. He did a good job." – Head Coach Sean McDermott

On entering the game in the second half…

"I go in and just play. I'm not a rookie, I'm not a second or third year guy. I've been around, and I've seen different sides of the scoreboard. When I go in, I take it one play at a time. I know it's cliché to say that, but that's all you can do at that point when the score is against you. To make an impact, you have to execute one play at a time. I stepped into the huddle just to tell the guys, 'We have a full second half ahead of us, and we have to go out there and play without worrying about the score.' We were able to put some points on the board. Obviously, it wasn't enough to win, but there are things we can learn from the second half." – QB Tyrod Taylor

On the defense's play…

"Today the game got away from us in a hurry due to the turnovers. With that said, there's areas we can get better at in all areas: Offense, defense and special teams. They were backed up early with some field position due to the turnovers. So we go back and evaluate all areas of our football team." – Head Coach Sean McDermott

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