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What Does the NFL Think About Keenan Allen?

With the 2018 season officially in the books, we're taking a trip around the NFL to see what some noteworthy players, coaches and figures have to say about a few of the Bolts' biggest names.

We've already looked at Philip Rivers, Derwin James and the duo of Joey Bosa/Melvin Ingram.

Next up, Keenan Allen.

Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick: "He can do it all. So, whatever you need him to do, he can play inside, play outside, run option routes, run vertical routes, double moves (and is a) good stem route runner. Again, big hands, strong, big target, tough after the catch. It doesn't matter where you put him, he's a problem. He's one of the best receivers in the league."

Chiefs CB Kendall Fuller: "He's a good football player. They move him around the field a lot, they know how to give him the football, he can make yards after the catch, so he can pretty much do it all. When you get a guy that's versatile like that who can make plays, you definitely (have) to come prepared."

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay: "Keenan Allen is one of the best players in this league that people don't talk enough about."

Patriots CB Jason McCourty: "He's extremely tough before and after (the catch). A guy sometimes I compare to watching a point guard playing basketball. He has crossover moves at the top of the route and once he gets the ball, he's just so elusive. His ability to just catch the ball, sometimes he's covered, sometimes open but no matter what, ball up in the air, he feels like it's going to be his. So, one of the toughest receivers."

Former Chiefs DC Bob Sutton: "Keenan is a really good football player. One of the things you appreciate about him is he's really competitive. He'll go any place for the football – over the ball, low, high, whatever. (He) has become a really good technician at his job. I mean, he's a really good route runner. He knows how to get open. He's just a really good football player. I think he has 30 percent of their targets, which is a really significant number. But just a really good football player. He's going to challenge you all the time. As a coach, you appreciate watching guys and you appreciate him because he's tough. He's aggressive. Not just physically tough, but mentally tough and does a great job of executing."

Browse through the top photos of Keenan Allen during the 12-4 season.

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