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What Did the Steelers Say After Losing to the Bolts?


On Philip Rivers…

"He's a really good quarterback. He's able to get it out of his hands really fast. We were putting some pretty good pressure on him, and he was just standing in the pocket making some very, very tough throws. …He was able to see what he wanted and got the ball out fast. He made a lot of plays. Hats off to him." – CB Joe Haden

"He's a great quarterback. He figured out what we were doing, and he was able to dissect us in the second half. … He's extremely smart. He figured it out. When you play a great quarterback, you got to be perfect. …I heard him say the other day he's getting old, but if he can stay in the pocket and make some throws, he can keep playing. That's what he did tonight." – ILB L.J. Fort

On the game…

"I don't know that it's out of our control. I could have played better; then it is your control. You can't play bad football against a good football team." – QB Ben Roethlisberger

"Disappointing game in a lot of ways. First and foremost, the result. Got to win those, we didn't. There are consequences, we'll absorb it, we'll be back. … Disappointing, you got to tip your cap to the Chargers. They made the necessary plays. This time of year, when you win, you say very little. When you lose, you say less." – Head Coach Mike Tomlin

"We had them where we want them. But we have to light our hair on fire and get after the rush and get to the passer." - DT Cameron Heyward

On Chargers offense…

"They did a great job, Keenan Allen is a great wide receiver. They ran the ball in the second half and were successful, but we have to get turnovers, we have to get sacks, we have to get more negative plays. They were too much on schedule in the second half." – DT Cameron Heyward

On Derwin James' interception…

"Yeah, I tried to look the safety (Derwin James) off and throw it up for him to run under it and I just put too much on it. That's on me." – QB Ben Roethlisberger

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