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What Did the Chiefs Say After Losing to the Bolts?


On the Chargers' two-point conversion…

"Well you never know (if they'll go for it). I don't know. I can't think what they are thinking on that. We were ready for them to do it. We just have to make sure we cover the guys." – Head Coach Andy Reid

"Just miscommunication. We just got to cover our pieces at the end of the day. That's something that we've got to work on, prepare for and get better at to make sure it doesn't happen again." – CB Kendall Fuller

"Defense, we have to do better. Especially at the end of the game. We have to step up and make the plays and get off the field." – DL Chris Jones

"Communication (mistake on that play). We've got to finish, we've got to see it. I'm going to ride with my guys 'til the end. We started as a team, we're going to finish as a team. I love this team and I'm riding 'til the end." – LB Reggie Ragland

On Chargers' defense…

"They played me the way that they've played everyone the whole entire season. Our job was to execute. We didn't put enough points on the board to get the win. We didn't do our job good enough I guess….They have guys on both ends as well as the guys in the middle. You have to learn how to get the ball out faster. I have to do a better job at that. They played a good game. They found a way to win in the end and we didn't. You have to find ways to win in this league" – QB Patrick Mahomes

On the Bolts' second half success…

"We didn't make the same plays we made in the first half. We gave up some big passes. Big plays killed us in the second half." – DL Chris Jones

"They have a good defense. When you don't execute and you get penalties, that stalls out drives. We got some scores, but whenever we needed to move the ball at the end we didn't execute. … They played a good game. They found a way to win in the end and we didn't. You have to find ways to win in this league." – QB Patrick Mahomes

"We've got to finish. The difference is we beat ourselves. That's how I feel. I feel like the only thing that can stop us is us. We beat ourselves and we didn't finish." – LB Reggie Ragland

"They just made plays when they needed to. We didn't. You go in there, watch film and learn from it, make sure you make those plays next time out." – CB Kendall Fuller

"They came to play. We came to play. It was a great game. At the end of the day they strained a little harder." – RB Damien Williams

"It was a lot of different things. There is no need to point fingers or blame this guy. Collectively we missed out on a few opportunities. Myself, I missed a tackle on the tight end on third down. If I made that tackle who's to say that they don't punt and we don't go down and score. We'll go back and review it and we'll learn from it." – LB Dorian O'Daniel

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