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What Did the Cardinals Say After Losing to the Bolts?


On Philip Rivers…

"Hats off to Philip Rivers. He played a tremendous game. If you guys see the film, he went out there and took his time operating that offense. He was picking up apart with little short passes and it hurt us." – DE Chandler Jones

"No. 1, Philip is a great quarterback. We've got to do a good job defensively of really hugging up to our coverage, being tighter, contesting throws, being in position to make plays on the ball." – Head Coach Steve Wilks

"That was nuts. I went up to him after the game and said good game, and I was like, 'Bro, that was crazy.' That's why he is who he is. I wish him the best of luck moving forward." – QB Josh Rosen

"He is a vet. He is going to do his thing. He is going to make plays and have positive (gains). We have to keep preparing and getting better." – DT Robert Nkemdiche

On the game…

"I think the guys were still fighting. They were still competing. We just couldn't put any drives together. We couldn't really get off the field. … You've got to continue to try to get moving up front (and) try to establish a running game. Slow those guys down, those dynamic pass rushers. We wanted to be able to do that first. Then, also create play-action off that. We've just got to do a much better job up front. That's where it starts." – Head Coach Steve Wilks

"They just started making plays and we didn't. I threw a pretty easy pick there which I shouldn't have, obviously, and we just didn't really go anywhere from there. … I think you have to give credit to the Chargers, but our first and second down plays weren't as efficient, and it puts you in some tough third downs against some really good pass rushers." – QB Josh Rosen

On Chargers pass rush…

"You look at (Melvin) Ingram, you look at (Joey) Bosa – two premier pass rushers in the National Football League. Those guys did a good job up front. At times we've got to do a much better job of trying to help them out a little bit with protection." – Head Coach Steve Wilks

"Those are very good pass rushers. Joey Bosa is probably one of the best in football. When you stay ahead of the sticks and stay in third in shorts, you can kind of minimize that, but you get in third and longs and it's tough. They made plays and we didn't." – QB Josh Rosen

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