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What Did the Browns Say After Losing to the Bolts?


On Philip Rivers…

"I went against him multiple times early in my career, and he is a guy that if you don't take something away early, then he can hurt you. From the ground game to the passing game, he can be very effective if you're not taking something away that he is good at. Today we weren't able to take anything away from him, and when you don't take anything away from a veteran savvy quarterback like him, he will make you pay." – DB T.J. Carrie

On Chargers defense…

"They played a lot of zone coverage. Their change-up was throwing in man and blitzing. Just playing zone coverage. They did a good job of passing off receivers and stuff like that, but I have to find my check downs and I have to get the ball out of my hands. It doesn't matter what they are doing. I have to do my job." – QB Baker Mayfield

On Chargers run game…

"On the edges, they were able to exploit it. We had no force set. That team ran the ball for a lot of yards." – Head Coach Hue Jackson

"I think they did a good job attacking their edges so we just had to make sure that we tighten down all phases of our game. Whether it is in the middle with knocking the line of scrimmage back and setting the force on the edge, that way we can keep everything crowded and not let runs get outside. When you do not have an edge and things get outside, it makes it hard on everybody trying to pursuit the ball." – DL Larry Ogunjobi

On the loss…

"They had a better game than we did today, and it is what it is. We just have to get back to the drawing board and keep working." – TE David Njoku

"We did not execute. We did not do our job. We were not detailed. We did not do the things that we talked about all week. That is the most disappointing thing. Anytime you do not do your job… I am at fault for majority of that. I am going to be very hard on myself. We have to be able to look at this and learn from it. We have to be more prepared coming into the next week. It does not matter what happened. It does not matter the buzz. You have to do your job each week or else. That is just the nature of this game. It is so competitive in this league that if you do not do your job, that is what can happen. I will be the first to tell you that I am going to go to work and get this fixed." – QB Baker Mayfield

"(We) did not play well. Like I said, it starts with me on down through the coaches and to our players. I do not ever think that it got away; I do not know if we ever got our hand on it. We just did not play well." – Head Coach Hue Jackson

The Chargers celebrate as they defeat the Browns 38-14 in Cleveland.

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