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What Did the Bills Say After Losing to the Bolts?

On Philip Rivers…

"He gets the ball out super quick. He's not afraid to throw it one yard in front of him. Sometimes, that's what you've got to do as a quarterback – get the ball out quick and to your skill guys, let them make some plays for you. Some of the protections … always allowing the play clock to dictate what he was going to do. Letting it run down, still trying to figure out what the defense was going to do. He was going to make checks at the line to put their offense in the best situation possible." – QB Josh Allen

"He's a wizard in terms of what he does before the ball is snapped, what he diagnoses. Because of that, he'll be a Hall of Famer at some point." – Head Coach Sean McDermott

"[Phillip Rivers] gets the ball out fast, knows where his targets are and knows his receivers. He uses all of the play clock to make checks and get himself into the perfect position. Credit to those guys." – DE Trent Murphy

On Melvin Gordon's touchdown run…

"They called the right play. Tip your hat to them. They haven't shown that counter for the past couple years, so you tip your hat to them. That was the better play." – DE Jerry Hughes

On Chargers gameplan…

"Some things are hard, they were scheming a little bit with their tackle pulling over and the counter coming back. That's something they hadn't shown. Last year they actually ran it the other way and got us. They kind of knew we would run a scheme on that, so they did it the other way." – LB Lorenzo Alexander

On Josh Allen's debut…

"I thought overall, again, offensively, we got off to a slow start. Having said that, there were some moments that I thought were pretty solid and then some moments that I know Josh would want back. I thought we moved the ball at times in the second half, but we have to make sure we take care of the football as well. That's a big element to playing quarterback in this league at a high level. He'll learn from it and I expect him to grow just like the rest of our team overall." – Head Coach Sean McDermott

"I felt comfortable for the most part. There's some things that [Los Angeles] did that we didn't see on film, and I didn't see on film. But that's being a rookie. That's the part of it. You know, a defensive coordinator is always going to try to throw you something different and get you out of your element, and I have to be better with the pass protection. I have to be better with getting the ball out quicker. Ultimately, taking care of the football. Two interceptions, they were just two plays that I could've changed." – QB Josh Allen

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