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What are the Ravens Saying About the Bolts?


On Hunter Henry…

"He's obviously a proven pass-catching tight end; he's an all-around tight end. I just spent a lot of time watching tape on him yesterday, just in case he's going to be back. It takes time, it takes thought. The fact that he might be back, he might not be back, forces us to spend some time on it. That's probably something they're happy about anyway. But if he's out there, he's a factor, because he's a good player." – Head Coach John Harbaugh

"Obviously, he's a good player. He got drafted early, and unfortunately, got injured. … Hopefully, he can play. I would love to see him on the field and see him back healthy." – OLB Matthew Judon

On Philip Rivers…

"Philip knows what bothers us. Trust me, this guy is a competitor – you've all seen it. … He's a competitor just like everybody else is on that field. That's how he gets himself going. It's hard to go back and forth with him when he doesn't cuss. 'Daggumit!' I mean, woah, Phil! You got me there! You know what I mean? I love the guy. I love the competitor." – Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale

"The challenge is that Philip is so smart and just knows the game so well. ... We're just trying to do the best we can and keep it moving and see if we can get some pressure this time, which we know will be a big challenge." – Head Coach John Harbaugh

"He's a fiery guy, great to compete against. You like those kinds of guys. He'll talk with you. He'll bump you, so it's fun, especially when you get him on the ground like 'Z' (Za'Darius Smith) did. We hit him a couple times, and he was for it, and he's a great competitor. We love playing against those kinds of guys. … He's an explosive guy, a future Hall of Famer in most everybody's opinion, so he's definitely going to fix some things that he did, especially protection-wise – those kinds of things. … He can light you up in a heartbeat." – DT Michael Pierce

On the rematch…

"We saw each other recently, but you're still trying to figure out what's coming next, and that's what you have to try to anticipate to some degree in terms of your preparation. You go to work and then go play the game. I don't even know the word for it. All the calculating, the advantages, that's more not for us to do probably." – Head Coach John Harbaugh

"There are always benefits of playing someone, and, quick turnaround, you're playing them again. You're matched up. You're playing whoever you're playing against. You know a little bit about them, but they'll have some different wrinkles for us, as we will for them, so it's just about who's going to play the best on Sunday." – S Eric Weddle

"The challenge is, are they going to game-plan us the same way that they did the first game, or are they going to completely change the game plan? Are we going to change the game plan? You really don't know, exactly, if they're going to stick to the script or if they're going to install a new game plan. You just have to look at their entire body of work, their entire 16-game season, be ready for all of it and just be ready to execute on Sunday."– G Marshal Yanda

"We're going against a Hall of Fame quarterback. We know he's going to make some adjustments, as well. It's going to be a great challenge. It's going to be fun to watch he and Eric (Weddle) battle it out again, obviously, for much higher stakes. We'll see where it takes us."– Defensive Coordinator Don Martindale

"(The Chargers) are very good at what they do. They're skilled. They're well-coached. They're disciplined. They make it hard. They're really good on defense, and that's the way I perceive this group that we're playing. So, they'll do a couple of things during the game – we'll do a few things – because of the last ball game. But, every game is its own entity." – Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

On Austin Ekeler…

"We know he's got talent. He's (a) quick, fast, explosive guy. He has a dimension they didn't have there in the last game to some degree so we're very aware of him." – Head Coach John Harbaugh

On Chargers defense…

"They play fast, they run to the ball, play hard, gang tackling, all the things that you respect. (Defensive Coordinator Gus) Bradley has done a great job with those guys. They're not overly complicated in all the different things they do, but within their structure and scheme, they have a lot of detail to it, and they understand it, and they just play really fast and really hard." – Head Coach John Harbaugh

"They fly around to the ball. They're all to it every play. Each and every play, they're coming at you hard, so you have to prepare for that."– QB Lamar Jackson

"I think their defense as a whole is a quick group of guys. Their D-line up front and their linebackers – they run well. With 33 (Derwin James) back there as well, he runs well, too. I'd say they're just a fast defense, for sure. A lot of guys can really run." – G Marshal Yanda

"(The Chargers) are very good at all three levels. The line, they have a couple pass rushers, very good inside. The linebacking crew, very active. And, the cover guys, very active, very aggressive. All three levels read and react very quickly, and (they are) a physical crew, so the preparation in this type of game will be key." – Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg

On Derwin James…

"When he blitzes, he gets to the quarterback. He also can disrupt the run game. He's a dominant player." – Head Coach John Harbaugh

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