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What are the Patriots Saying About the Bolts?


On Philip Rivers…

"He just has that 'it' factor. I think when you look at quarterbacks across the league, there's a handful of them that you can pick out and just be like, 'That's a guy I want to go into a game with, go into a season with.' Philip Rivers is one of those guys. Fiery guy, he's out there competing his butt off. I remember a few years ago, I think he had a torn ACL or something and he was still out there dragging his leg, competing for his guys. He's just that type of guy and that type of quarterback. He's one of the great ones so you relish the opportunity to play against him." – DB Jason McCourty

"I'm a big fan of Philip Rivers. I think he does a great job. You watch the games, you see him. He's yelling and screaming on the line of scrimmage. You can tell he watches a ton of film. He's trying to get them in the best play for whatever defense we're in, so obviously it's physical talents and what he can do. Very accurate throwing the deep ball. It's also a huge mental game of trying to not give him everything because he's too good of a quarterback if we just line up. He'll kind of tear us apart." – S Devin McCourty

"I was a Southern California kid. … so I watched a lot of his football, and he's given a lot of great moments to their fan base.He's given a lot of great moments to this league. I think he conducts himself and carries himself in a way that's really first-class all the way. He represents his organization, his family and this game about as well as anyone we have and he's played at a high level for a long time." – WR Matthew Slater

On Keenan Allen…

"He's extremely tough before and after (the catch). A guy sometimes I compare to watching a point guard playing basketball. He has crossover moves at the top of the route and once he gets the ball, he's just so elusive. His ability to just catch the ball, sometimes he's covered, sometimes open but no matter what, ball up in the air, he feels like it's going to be his. So, one of the toughest receivers that we'll play against this year." – DB Jason McCourty

"He plays everywhere. He can do it all. So, whatever you need him to do, he can play inside, play outside, run option routes, run vertical routes, double moves, good stem route runner. Again, big hands, strong, big target, tough after the catch. It doesn't matter where you put him, he's a problem. He's one of the best receivers in the league." – Head Coach Bill Belichick

"He's a great receiver. He's very crafty, he's quick in his routes, he makes big catches and he's got a good quarterback, so that helps." – CB Stephon Gilmore

On the team…

"This team has won a lot of football games and they've played well against a lot of good football teams in every area in all three phases of the game. They've won a lot of close games so I have a tremendous amount of respect for Coach Lynn, all of the coordinators out there, their staff and their organization. They've done an outstanding job. Again, best record in the AFC this year. That's not easy to do. They've earned it."– Head Coach Bill Belichick

"They have great leadership over there, and all the things that I've heard about Coach (Anthony) Lynn are nothing but positive things about the type of leader that he is and obviously they have a lot of belief in what they're doing. I think it says a lot about the mental toughness of their football team, to be able to go on the road (in) hostile environments, essentially playing a game at 10 a.m. West Coast time this past weekend and being ready to go. They've been a great road team all year long, as you said, so I think that requires a great deal of mental toughness. They've got the formula – they run the ball, they cover kicks, they stop the run, so they've got physical toughness, as well. You really got to tip your hat to those guys." – WR Matthew Slater

On Chargers' running backs…

"(Melvin Gordon is) big, strong, fast, got good vision, he's hard to tackle, he's got good patience, uses his blockers well. He's got good speed so he can attack from sideline to sideline, but he gets downhill, he's tough in line, he's a tough guy to tackle. He's got breakaway speed, he's got home run ability, so he's had a bunch of big plays – some in the running game, some in the passing game, screen passes, check-down routes, end routes. So, whenever he gets the ball, it doesn't really matter how he gets it once he gets it." – Head Coach Bill Belichick

"They've got good backs, they are good runners, they're good receivers, they do a very good job when they get the ball in space. I would say they use them well in terms of free releasing them out of the backfield at times and creating matchup issues, and some of the formations that they employ help them do that…. I think they lead the NFL in explosive runs, so we're going to have to do a great job. We're going to have to play our best football this week." – Defensive Line Coach Brendan Daly

"(Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler) both can catch. They both can get out there and run routes so they're definitely not one-dimensional. They're playmakers back there so we've got to, like I said, do our job and try to take away all the threats that they have that they pose to us." – S Patrick Chung

On Chargers defense…

"The Chargers defense in general is – this is the best group we've played all year. Their defensive front is extremely disruptive. They play a one-gap style of defense. That's what Coach (Gus) Bradley's always done and they're really good at what they do, create a lot of issues for you with their penetration. They're disruptive in the running game and create negative plays, which puts you into second and third-and-long which they excel at and then they can create a ton of problems then with their pass rush. The way that they play on early downs lends itself to them being able to turn it loose and really get after the quarterback in passing situations when they know you have to throw. It's a group that's got a lot of people that have created impact plays for them this year." – Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels

"They've got a great defense, they've got a great front seven, they've got a great back end and the secondary. They've got a lot of team speed. Obviously those two d-ends, they're relentless. We know what we've got to do, they're going to make it hard on us. They play what they play and they play it well. They're going to make hard on us like I said, and we've just got to go out there and we've got to play." – WR Phillip Dorsett

On Derwin James…

"He's as good as anybody we've seen all year. Big, fast, athletic, very instinctive. He primarily plays around the line of scrimmage. Usually in a safety position but they play a lot of six and seven defensive backs, so sometimes he's in a linebacker-type position, but whether you want to call him a linebacker or a safety, he's down near the line of scrimmage. It's pretty much the same. He's a very good tackler. He's a very good blitzer when they blitz him. He can play very strong against the running game and when they put him in the deep part of the field, which happens some - he's down a lot more than he's back - but he plays effectively from back there too. He gets a good break on the ball. He reads the quarterback well and he's had some big plays in the deep part of the field knocking the ball off of receivers and getting a good break on the ball and getting to the reception area. His length, his strength, his speed and his instinctiveness - he has a good nose for the ball. He's around the ball a lot and physically he's really hard to deal with. He's fast and with great size and explosive power. The guy's a really good football player." – Head Coach Bill Belichick

"He's a game-changer. He's their guy, I feel like that's their hammer in their secondary. He plays relentless every play. He's explosive, he's all over the field, he can defend the run, he can defend the pass. He's already a great player. He's definitely a key guy in the secondary." – WR Philip Dorsett

On Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa…

"They've got a great pass rush on both sides of the ball and we've got to be able to contain them. If you just let them free, get to the quarterback, it's going to be a long day, no doubt about that. So, you've got to contain them, got to block them, pass game, run game, they're really, really shifty. They're fast, they can get off the ball and you've got to be prepared for them. They can just ruin a drive just like that. They can make a move, get to the quarterback, lose 10 yards and boom, there goes the drive. So, you've got to be aware for them, big time." – TE Rob Gronkowski

"Both guys are very disruptive, not only in pressuring or sacking the quarterback but also strip-sacking and knocking the ball off the quarterback. They have great awareness to get the ball off. Ingram lines up inside on passing situations a pretty decent amount of the time so he's not always on the edge, so really anybody could get him. Bosa's in there some too, but Bosa's more outside than inside. In third-down situations, Ingram shows up inside quite a bit. He's had very good production in there against a number of teams." – Head Coach Bill Belichick

On Desmond King…

"Man, he's just a football player. You put him in wherever and he's going to play it and he's going to play it well. He's played in numerous roles in the kicking game this year. Obviously, we know his role on defense and now we're seeing what he can do as a return man. To me, I think he's just a hard guy to tackle. He runs hard, he's playing with a lot of confidence, those guys are blocking really well for him.He's got tremendous balance, he's got good quickness, he's aggressive to field the ball. I think he poses a lot of problems for you, but not only in the kicking game. He's a football player, which is no surprise for an Iowa guy – those guys are usually football players." – WR Matthew Slater

"He does a great job I think of finding holes and then breaking and running through arm tackles. You see it each week, even if they have a guy or two that kind of has what we call half a body free to try to make a tackle, he usually runs through that. He makes game-changing plays." – S Devin McCourty

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