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What are the Lions Saying About the Bolts?

On Chargers running backs...

"I think what really stands out to everybody that saw the game this past weekend is that [Ekeler] is actually an outstanding runner. He's really strong and powerful. He may not be overly big in size, but his lower body strength is incredible when he breaks and drives through some of those tackles. I think they've done a great job with their run game of getting him into some of those space situations, really dividing the defense and getting him into the secondary really quick, which is very dangerous…Dual-threat from that standpoint – run and pass. [Justin] Jackson…is another really fast explosive guy from that standpoint too, and I think they just complement each other – similar run games when they're both in there…Just kind of fits the style of offense that they're running right now." – head coach Matt Patricia

"I know a lot about him. You guys gotta understand I grew up watching the Chargers, so I still watch them a lot. For me, he's a guy that's worked his tail off, made a name for himself, and he came from the bottom, and I'm sure he has that underdog mentality each and every week that he shows on film. You can tell by the way he runs the ball he's a good player. He can make some things happen running the ball and catching the ball, so he's definitely a threat. They also have [Justin] Jackson who's pretty good too, so we got to be ready to go." - S Quandre Diggs

"Football is a 'next man up' kind of game, and it doesn't matter who's starting and who's not, the next guy up can always do an awesome job, and I've seen guys win jobs. Clearly, the guys they have in the backfield are doing a good job. He's [Ekeler] a tough back, he's tough to bring down, and he's very fast. He's short, he's compact -- he's a guy that you have to get everyone on him to bring him down." - DT Mike Daniels

On Philip Rivers...

"I have a lot of respect for him as a player. He's a great quarterback who does a good job, and I think (he's) underappreciated in a lot of aspects, and, obviously, the guy shows up for his team every week. He played in the AFC championship game with a torn ACL, which is incredible. I'm sure he's played through a million other things that no one knows about too. Gotta give him credit, the guy is there playing week in and week out at a high level – it's impressive." - QB Matthew Stafford

"A lot of quarterbacks coming out of college now are like super track athletes. Philip is more of a pro-style, conventional type of quarterback, but he does have pocket awareness, and if we are undisciplined with our rushes, he'll make us pay for it, so can't go in there and think you can lose or contain (him) or not do your job, because he'll make you pay for it." - DT Mike Daniels

On Keenan Allen...

"He's very difficult. This guy is an unbelievable athlete, an unbelievable wide receiver. The thing about him that is unique is that he has great route-running ability. His ability to cut to release off of the line of scrimmage to really kind of move the defenders at the line to get open, get into space. His top-of-the-route quickness – he's got some subtleties in there. His head-turns, his shoulder-leans, and some of the ways he skips off the line of scrimmage, he has some unorthodox releases, too, that are just extremely difficult to defend against." – head coach Matt Patricia

Take an inside look as the Chargers travel to Detroit to face the Lions for Week 2.

On Chargers defense...

I would say the best thing they do is they are able to play fast and inside of that defense...I think the key with all of it is the pass rush, and they've got two really good guys on the edge that can generate a lot of pressure on the quarterback. And those guys in the back end know that (when) the ball is going to come out, it's going to come out pretty quick, so that they can get into their space and then they can drive, read and break which helps them defensively a lot. They do a really good job, too, of stopping the run. [Brandon] Mebane being inside, he's a problem. He's a big guy, he's a strong guy, he can anchor the middle of that defense, so when the run plays occur, everything kind of gets forced back inside to him, and he makes those plays…I'd say that's probably the biggest thing is just, as a unit, they're working really well together." – head coach Matt Patricia

On Desmond King II...

"He's a phenomenal player. This guy is fast, quick, explosive. I would say the zone scheme that they utilize with him kind of fits his skill set very well. He does a great job of reading the quarterback. He does a great job of pattern-matching and jumping those routes and understanding where he's stressed and getting back to the ball – he's had some turnovers. He's a pretty dynamic player. He's going to be physical on those inside receivers and he's going to get after it in the run game too. He's certainly a guy that's been very productive for them." – head coach Matt Patricia

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